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Cremated remains

Our environmentally friendly eco casket range for cremated remains are hand crafted in natural and biodegradable materials, suitable for burial, scattering or personal keepsake. Eco casket collection

Hand woven caskets, using the highest quality English willow and cotton drawstring lining and includes engraved name plate. Personalise the casket band at no extra cost. For band and casket colours options see page 71. Please note images are not to scale. Sizes and capacities stated are approximate. Average adult ashes set is 3.5 litres. Willow woven caskets









1. Holds 4 litres. 2. Holds 6 litres. 3. Holds 3.5 litres. 4. Holds 8 litres. 5. Rainbow Ashes Casket - any shape single casket 6. Painted Ashes Casket - any shape single casket


6 £145


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