“What if you don’t have what they need?” a boy in the back blurted out.

“Then you refer them to someone new who can help them,” I said.

“Why not just sell them what you want them to buy?” he asked. The student next to him chimed in, “Won’t you go broke if people don’t buy from you?” Ah, this was a lesson I’d been fortunate enough to learn early on. “People do business,” I said, “with people they like, trust and who ask them for their business. How long do you think people will trust you or like you if you talk them into something that’s not right for them?”

“That sounds too easy,” said a girl with red and green glasses. “There has to be more to it than that.”

“You’re right, there is. Once you earn the trust of a customer you treat them so well that they stay with you for life and they send their friends to you.” It was just that simple.


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