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06 .2020

How Have Your Priorities Changed

In the Wake of COVID-19?

If there’s one lesson I think the pandemic really drove home for a lot of people, including me, it’s that we should expect the unexpected and account for it in whatever plans we make. We’ve all had those plans in our lives — vacations, boxes to check off our bucket lists, adventures we’ve dismissed, saying we’ll get to them eventually. Well, if there’s anything COVID-19 made clear, then it’s that “getting to them eventually” isn’t always an option. Sometimes, life makes decisions for us, and we’re left to decide how to act in their wake. I had a trip to Paris that got canceled because of COVID-19 and the subsequent travel ban. At the time of writing, Justin doesn’t know if he’s going to get to go on his sailing trip down in the Caribbean in July. I was supposed to perform as a part of my choir group with the New York Philharmonic in Vail, and we were supposed to perform at the Red Rocks Amphitheater as well. All of these trips and plans, not so long ago, were 100% bound to happen. We counted on them happening. And now, because of something that no one expected, we can’t count on any of those things happening anymore. While our lack of control in this time may seem like an isolated event, and it might seem like once all of this pandemic business is completely behind us we can just get back to being in the driver’s seat of our lives, I think this season of uncertainty has thrown into sharp relief how little control we ever actually had. That leads me to ask all of you reading this newsletter the following question: Has this season of uncertainty changed your priorities at all?

What I mean by that question is this: Once upon a time, we probably had a set of goals and dreams we aspired to achieve, and we had (or at least we thought we had) a good idea about how exactly to achieve them. However, whenever major, unexpected life events come up, the priorities we once had, along with all our timelines and the tasks necessary to complete them, can go out the window. Based on our experience during the pandemic, it’s very probable that most people, and probably many of you reading this newsletter right now, have

had to do away with some of your previous goals and ambitions. That’s not a reason to give up on your aspirations in general, however. We have a chance to create new priorities and make them more adaptable to unexpected circumstances, whether those be isolated family troubles or global pandemics. Of course, from our point of view, we hope many people in our community will prioritize creating or updating their estate plans. Estate plans are the ultimate defense against the unexpected for families and individuals, so it pays to have one that’s airtight. If you’re trying to reprioritize your life right now, then we hope you’ll recognize how important an estate plan is to you and your family. We also hope you’ll choose Phillips & Blow, PC to help you create a plan that’s right for you.


– John Phillips



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