Rigid Core Catalog

Job Site Condi � ons Prior to installa � on, the installer must ensure, that at the � me of installa � on, the job site condi � ons including sub fl oor/substrate, ambient temperature, rela � ve humidity and all impac � ng variables will not nega � vely a ff ect the fl oor. The manufacturer will decline responsibility for damages associated with improper installa � on or poor site condi � ons. Storage and Condi � ons Rigid Core SPC fl ooring should be acclimated to the temperature of the environment in which it will be installed for a minimum of 24 hours. We recommend installa � on in rooms with a temperature between 50°F & 100°F (10°C & 38°C) . The HVAC system must be on and func � onal before, during and a � er installa � on. Product should be stored horizontally in a dry area away from direct sunlight. Do not leave next to heat or cooling ducts. Ensure that all trades have been completed to eliminate drywall dust, paints etc. Do not store fl ooring in uncontrolled environmental condi � ons (for example, garages and exterior pa � os). Flooring stored on a concrete slab should be elevated at least 4-in. to allow air circula � on under cartons. Exis � ng Home An exis � ng home should have a consistent room temperature between 50°F & 100°F (10°C & 38°C) and rela � ve humidity (RH) of 40%-60%. Con � nual devia � on from these condi � ons will a ff ect the dimensions of fl ooring. When using a heater during colder months, humidity may be much lower than the acceptable range. During the warmer months, maintain humidity levels using an air condi � oner or dehumidi fi er.

Recommended Installa � on Area This product should be installed with staggered joints. Do not install SPC fl ooring over carpet or any foam underlayment. This product is not suitable for any outside use, sunrooms, solariums, saunas, seasonal porches, camping trailers, boats, RV’s or rooms that have a poten � al of fl ooding. Do not install in rooms or homes that are not temperature controlled. Exposure to long term sunlight can cause damage to the fl oor. Failure to properly shade or UV � nt windows, can discolor, fade or buckle the planks. Use window treatments or UV � n � ng on windows. SPC fl ooring is not intended for use on ver � cal surfaces. Do not glue, nail, screw or fasten planks to the substrate . Do no install cabinetry, islands, peninsula counters, vani � es, tubs and showers or other non-movable objects on top of this fl ooring. (Transi � onal trim pieces should not be glued, nailed or adhered to the SPC fl ooring in any way.) Quarter round and baseboards should not be fastened � ght to the fl ooring restric � ng the fl oor’s movement. Basements and Crawl Spaces Concrete slab or ground must be dry. Ensure that crawl spaces have open vents year-round to ensure proper air circula � on and to prevent moisture build up. The ground in the crawl spaces must be completely covered using 6 mil polyethylene. Crawl space clearance between the ground and underside of joists should be no less than 18-inches and the perimeter vent area should be equal to 1.5% of the total square footage of the crawl space or as mandated by code. Sound Control Underlayment Restora � on SPC fl ooring includes a pre-a � ached 1.5mm Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) sound mi � ga � ng underlayment

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