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Counties considers new seniors’ residence project


Det-Inspector Paul Yelle of the Hawkes- bury OPP Criminal Investigations Branch is directing the investigation of all the cir- cumstances surrounding the tragic death. An official OPP news release stated that foul play is not suspected in the unfortunate incident. Anyone with information which may assist the investigation can phone the de- tachment at 613-632-2729 or toll-free 1-888- 310-1122. suggested that the western half of Pres- cott-Russell should get consideration in the review. Mayor Conrad Lamadeleine of the Village of Russell expressed concern about “centralization” of Prescott-Russell’s regional seniors’ residence facility in one area. Alfred-Plantagenet Township’s Mayor Fernand Dicaire noted that there are eight municipalities within Prescott-Russell that could be a potential location. Both Warden Guy Desjardins, mayor of Clarence-Rockland, and Champlain Township’s Mayor Gary Barton indicated it was too soon for talk about a site for a new residence, if one is built. “We’re having a debate now?” said Bar- ton. “I think it’s best to wait for M. Parisien to come back with (a report on) possibilities,” said Warden Desjardins.

Right now it is just at the discussion stage, but counties council is starting to give some thought about the need for a new regional seniors’ retirement residence. Some of the mayors also wonder if it might not be time to consider theirmunicipalities as possible sites for such a project. The United Counties of Prescott-Russell council (UCPR) gave Chief Administrator Stéphane Parisien the mandate to review and report, at a later session, the current situationwith the Prescott-Russell Residence retirement facility in Hawkesbury, and the state of the counties’ current status avai- lable supported living seniors’ retirement accommodations. The decision resulted from discussion during the June 8 committee of the whole session about the condition of the existing Residence and whether it meets current pro- vincial construction guidelines for a seniors’ retirement facility. “If we’re going to be going through a construction phase in 2025, we need to have a strategy available,” Parisien told council, “so that we’re not told later that (support) funding isn’t available.” The UCPR, whichmanages La Résidence, is a similar position to other operators of retirement and long-termcare facilities, both in the private and non-profit sectors. The new provincial guidelines for construction

of such facilities has all operators scrambling to do facility reviews to see if their buildings meet the newly-revised guidelines or if they must start advance-planning construction budgets to either renovate the existing faci- lity or build a new one. In the City of Clarence-Rockland, the non-profit group which operates Le Centre d’accueil Roger Séguin, in Clarence Creek, has already launched a two-part strategy for that facility. The group is doing a review of the building’s current state to determine whether renovation or rebuilding would be the best and most economical option. The second part of the strategy is a fundraising campaign to build up a reserve fund to pro- vide leverage when applying for additional financial aid from senior levels of govern- ment or other sources of support. Mayor Jeanne Charlebois proposed giving Parisien a mandate to review the overall

situation for La Résidence and report back to counties council. Other mayors at the table wondered if the review shouldn’t also include looking at other potential locations besides Hawkesbury. Mayor Pierre Leroux of Russell Township

Canada Day tragedy

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragic death by drowning of a two-year-old child on Canada Day. Around 1 p.m., July 1st, police, parame- dics, and fire-rescue crews responded to a 911 call about a drowning incident at a residence in Alfred-Plantagenet Township. The two-year-old child was rushed to hospital but was later pronounced dead. A post-mortemexamination is scheduled for July 4 at Ottawa Hospital.

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• Brunch le dimanche ( visiteurs et groupe sont les bienvenus tous les jours avec réservation. Frais pour les visiteurs.) • Nourriture fraîchement préparée tous les jours

• Grande variété de desserts fait maison • Fruit et collation tous les jours 24h/24 • Thé, café et jus disponibles en tout temps

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• Soup with every meal • Eggs every morning (except Sunday breakfast) • Sunday brunch ( visitor and group welcome every day; reservation cost will apply. • Freshly prepared food every day • Wide variety of homemade desserts • Fruits and snacks all day 24/24 • Tea, coffee and juice available at all times • Menu according to the Food Guide • Accommodate special diets • Attention to allergies and diabetics • Meal at room if sick • Verification of attendance at each meal

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• 2 baths / week by staff on demand • Medication service on demand • Help to bed on demand • Help with daily activities as required • Support socks, clothing by staff or CCAC Baths, Care and Services

• 2 bains/sem assurés par le personnel au besoin • Service de médication au besoin • Aide au lit à la demande • Aide pour les activités quotidiennes au besoin • Bas support, habillement par le personnel ou CCAC



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