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By Monica Cappelli, Office Manager of Rifle Dental Care

program, I doubt we would’ve seen this gentleman. After every veteran’s specific dental needs were met, each

To say that GG12 has changed our practice would be a total understatement. When my husband and I started this journey, we had a lot going for us and a ton of potential to do great things. We had the technical knowledge to do our specific jobs but never focused on our practice as a business. This had us circling the drain within a short amount of time of being fully operational.

one received a $250 gift card for future dental services in our practice. At least 18 veterans have already returned for additional care, and we expect that number to continue to grow. Somewhere along the line, this story caught traction, and the local paper came out to do a write-up. Well, that article was

picked up by The Associated Press, and before long, our story was hitting papers nationwide. This amplified the effect our Veterans Day deal had on the community. My husband proudly served our country in the U.S. Army, and the health of veterans means a great deal to both of us. A lot of business ventures focus on return on investment (ROI). Well, when we look at the ROI for this outreach event, we view it as an extreme success. But let me make one thing clear: What made it a real triumph was the impact it had on our community. We were able to hear so many powerful stories and make deep

Since becoming a member of Tom’s GG12, almost every area of our practice has seen improvement. It has made a massive difference in our internal systems, the way we approach policies, and the models we employ to build our business. We went from using our time accidentally to using it intentionally . Now we’re on a forward-moving track that has us primed to accomplish new and exciting feats.

We went from using our time accidentally to using it intentionally.

Our success isn’t just in the growth of our practice — it’s also in what we’ve

connections. The real ROI of this venture has been our ability to serve the community, and we intend to continue serving our community for a long time to come. We are also seeing nonveteran referrals from this effort as well. With the GG12 Toolkit, you receive all the Gems you need to build your practice, plus a coach who walks you step by step through the process, tailoring them to your practice. Before we implemented the veterans outreach and other GG12 strategies, we felt like we were in business for charity. Now, we’re on pace to double our bottom line this year! -Monica Cappelli

done for our community. During one of our meetings, our team was discussing how we could give back more to the people in our local area, specifically our veterans. Shortly after, we had a “lightbulb moment” at a GG12 Retreat during a Team Member breakout session. Tom Rich did a Veterans Day presentation, and we sat down with a GG12 Coach, Lisa Weber, to talk about implementing a plan. The best part about GG12 is that you can pick, choose, and tweak the tools you want to fit your practice. That’s precisely what we did with Tom’s Veterans Day idea. We offered veterans a Complimentary New Patient Exam, a Routine Cleaning, and X-rays for free. Within the first month, we saw over 40 new patients through this program! The Grand- Prize winner of our Veteran’s Outreach Contest needed (and we delivered) a full-mouth reconstruction. Without our new

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