The Decision To Become A Physical Therapist

Our Pat ient Spot l ight

Kathy came to LSTC after back pain started impacting her day to day schedule. Her jobs require that she be on her feet for several hours at a time. She worked hard, completed her plan of care here and is back to living life pain free! Success Story: “I can work my normal shift at my retail job without pain. Previously, after 2 hours the aching would start and I had difficulty bending over to pick something up off the floor. Now I move with more ease. After my shift is over I can get into my car without the aching and pain starting. I feel so much better. The therapists have been wonderful.”

Pat ient Resul ts

MY BACK PAIN IS GONE! “I ama workingmomand have a very active toddler. I experienced extreme lower back pain and radiating pain downmy right side prior to coming to LSTC. The pain was so intense I could hardly get out of bed, let alone lift my daughter. During the course of my treatment at LSTC my back became stronger, mobility improved substantially and today my pain is GONE! Thank you to the LSTC staff, especially Kate and Tricia for all you’ve done for me!” ~Akia M. I CAN WORK ON CRAFTS COMFORTABLY! “My back, core and legmuscles are stronger than they have ever been, and I hope will prevent further back injury. I have been back to work at both jobs, can volunteer, work on crafts comfortably and hope to/ plan to dance at my son’s wedding at the end of May!” ~Lisa K.

I CAN PLAY SOCCER AGAIN! “Before physical therapy, I had trouble doing daily activities and could not run or play soccer. I had a lot of weakness around my hip and was not flexible. I feel much stronger in my hip and very mobile as well as flexible. I am confident as I am starting to run and play soccer again. With the help of therapy, I can domy favorite activities like weight lifting, hiking, and soccer.” ~Sara N. I FEEL CONFIDENT I CAN NOW KEEP BOTH KNEES IN GOOD SHAPE! “Before I began the course of physical therapy, both of my knees felt weak, sometimes failed when going up stairs, and flared with pain almost daily. After completing the 14 sessions you prescribed, I’ve experienced no flaring of pain for the last several weeks. I have a large number of exercises that I can do at home and at the gym to maintain the strength of and aroundmy knees. I feel confident I can now keep both knees in good shape.” ~Mark P.

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