The Decision To Become A Physical Therapist

Health & Wellness • N E W S L E T T E R • The decision to become a Physical Therapist usually has personal ties…

Mike’s story is a personal one relating to several injuries that occurred while running high school track. The first time he went to physical therapy, it was for an ACL tear which took 6 months of PT to recover from. During that time he developed a strong interest in the muscles and joints and how the body moves. He saw how debilitating an injury could be and how his physical therapist (and future mentor), Mae was able to help her patients recover while teaching themwhat they needed to know to make sure their recovery continued long after finishing PT. Once Mike finished PT for a second track injury, he started working for Mae at LSTC. He worked many days after school

as a tech while she mentored him and even encouraged himwhen he decided to study physical therapy. After graduation, Mae and her partner Mic offeredMike his first job as a physical therapist at LSTC. Unlike many new grads, he never left. Mike’s ultimate goal was to one day own his own Physical Therapy Practice. For a short time after Mae retired, LSTCwas owned by a local hospital chain. Mike worked hard and continued on up through the ranks and eventually became the full time director of LSTC. When the hospital decided they no longer wanted a satellite clinic, Mike decided it was time to head off on his own. He took ownership of LSTC and the rest is history…

Dee and Mike Bills at graduation. (1994)

I hope you enjoyed reading about howMike became a PT. If youwant more information about events and clinic happenings, like and follow us on Facebook: www.facebook. com/LoudounSportsTherapyCenter Wishing you well this month and always, Dee

Helpful Information: 3 simple things you can do to prevent back injuries while gardening!

1. Use a ladder only when necessary. No climbing up chairs or old, turned-over 5-gallon cans. Very few gardens have perfectly even surfaces. Don’t let a tippy ladder tip you over. If you can’t reach something, leave it alone or make sure you have a someone holding your ladder. 2. Be careful on that slope or bank; it is a trap waiting to cause you to tumble. Make sure you keep sure footing when navigating steep areas. However, if you should fall and have a muscle strain or sprain, seek help from your physician or physical therapist immediately.

3. Bring your gardening up to waist level. Those aching knees and back will love it when you bring your garden closer to your reach. Bending and lifting from the ground can be tiresome and hurtful for your back. Using raised beds or a gardening table makes everything in the bed reachable. Get an old table that is long and narrow, not square and deep. Create an easy container garden by adding an extra patio table with all your pots of herbs and flowers. Follow these simple tips to avoid any injuries. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable gardening experience this season.

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