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February 2018 FEBRUARY 2018

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Did you ever see the movie “The Matrix”? You may recall the main character from that popular movie, played by Keanu Reeves, was able to almost instantly “download” information into his brain about kung fu or flying a helicopter. Wouldn’t it be nice to get that kind of instant download of insight, strategies, and secrets for your business? What kind of effect would it have on your business and life if you were injected with millions of dollars of new insight and strategies in a very short time? Look, I get it. As business owners, we get caught up in the urgent tasks. It’s easy to run from one crisis to another — from one urgent matter to another. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed chasing opportunities and trying to fix things that seem like they aren’t working. But what if you could download massive, game-changing business advice in mere moments? That’s what happened at our recent Service Business Edge event, which was held at the CEO Warrior headquarters in East Brunswick, New Jersey, on Feb. 6–9. Service Business Edge is normally four very intense days of business strategies. And this time, we raised the bar even higher. We were joined by Jay Abraham, who is one of Forbes magazine’s top-five business coaches. He’s also called “The

9.4 Billion Dollar Man” as a testament to the financial effect he’s had on tens of thousands of businesses all around the world. At Service Business Edge, attendees heard him speak on day two and day three, as he shared his best insights on business growth. Attendees were riveted by him, and many recorded videos and wrote pages upon pages of notes. (You can go to and scroll to Feb. 8 to see some of these videos.) There’s no way we can cram in the millions of dollars of value that he shared, so we’ll just give you a couple of highlights, which can change the game for anyone who reads this. There is plenty more that we didn’t have room to share. On day two, Jay spoke at the event and gave some amazing insight, including the three ways to grow a business. Frankly, that information is so golden that I don’t have room to share it here. We’ll post some video highlights from his talk soon. It’s currently being edited. Later that same day, Jay came back for a question-and-answer time, which blew everyone out of the water. Day Two (Feb. 7): Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life

to be able to emulate Jay Abraham’s ability to handle many opportunities simultaneously. Jay answered in a couple of ways. He said one way is to broaden your mindset by looking at the things you normally do automatically and predictably and do those differently. Even something simple should be switched up, such as doing your morning routine in a different way, taking a different route to work, or shopping at different stores. Another strategy is to read things that are outside of your comfort zone. Just find topics online that normally don’t interest you or aren’t things you think about daily and read about them. Or, go look up the top 100 books on Amazon and read some that don’t resonate with you. We tend to build patterns into our life. Jay says the key here is to get exposure to other ideas and perspectives, even if they normally don’t interest us.

And there was more — so much more!

Day Three (Feb. 8): Powerful Leadership Strategies

On day three, Jay talked about leadership, competition, advanced ways to grow a business, what personal qualities you need to be successful, and much more.

One of our attendees asked, “How can you be a non-linear thinker?” They want

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