Choosing the right bouquet

The wedding meal accounts for a big part of the wedding budget, so you will want to be sure of your menu choice and the caterer’s presentation.

une salle magnifique Vous cherchez pour votre mariage? one for vegetarians, as well as a general meal for the majority of the other guests. Costs will increase if you choose several general meals, as this lengthens preparation time. For the first course, choose seasonal products, such as a salad during the summer or a soup in the fall. For the main course, chicken is always good value because it is cooked the same way for every guest. Beef, on the other hand, needs to be offered at a variety of stages of done-ness. Chicken is also the meat that the most people enjoy and that can be inexpensively prepared in a variety of ways. Depending on the theme and timing of your wedding and the tastes of your guests, you could also serve a late night snack that includes small pastries, cubes of duck breast or sushi, candies, and tailor-made special coffees. While you can benefit from the inspirations of your caterer, just be sure to choose a meal that is sure to please both you and your guests.

A bouquet is an important accessory for any bride, one that should be coordinated with the dress as well as the style of the wedding itself. Here are a few tips for choosing the right bouquet: • If you’re wearing a long dress, your options are broader: your bouquet can be round, simple, or cascading. If your gown is shorter, however, it is advisable to opt for a round or discreet bouquet so that your flowers will not hide the dress. • If you’re dreaming of a huge bouquet, keep in mind that the more imposing the bouquet, the heavier it will be to carry. That could get tiring, not to mention the chore of trying to throw it over your shoul- der! You should also take your figure into consideration when making your choice: a tiny or very slim silhouette can be over- whelmed with a large bouquet. • Think about personalizing your bouquet with accessories such as lace, pearls, or even fruits. Be sure to set yourself a bud- get: flowers that are rare or out of season will make your bouquet costs climb. THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS Even though some brides choose a bouquet for its look, others prefer to use flowers

that have a traditional symbolic meaning: red roses (love), white roses (pure love), lilies (purity), carnations (sincere love), tulips (perfect love). If this language means something to you, perhaps you’d better avoid yellow roses (infidelity) and narcis- sus (selfishness)! Most important of all, be careful not to choose flowers that will spread pollen all over your beautiful gown.






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Hmmm, what to serve my guests? One big decision that can be hard to get past the discussion stage in wedding planning is what to serve the guests. The meal represents a big portion of a wedding reception budget, so it is important to be absolutely satisfied with the food and its presentation. Being able to see and taste each of the dishes that will be served at your reception is essential. An experienced caterer will be prepared to offer you a tasting, as well as references from prior clients. Think about a menu that includes some hors d’oeuvres, an appetizer, a main course, and your wedding cake for desert. Amajor budget factor is whether your meal will be served buffet style or plated as a full service sit-down meal. When deciding on the menu it is important to provide three choices to guests: one for children,

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