Have you heard of the Asian long-horned beetle?

The best milk around: Canada opens new dairy research centre

Asian long-horned beetles are insects with no natural enemies in this country. ey are now threatening both the health of Canadian for- ests as well as urban landscapes. Authorities have been aware of their presence since 1982. Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspectors have intercepted them many times at customs in either solid wood products or pallets of merchandise imported from China, where they originate. Adults measure from 20 to 35 mm in length and have shiny black bodies with up to 20 white dots on their backs. ey have a pair of long black antennae, and at the base of each is a whitish- blue ring. eir life cycle is spread over two years. Females lay their eggs under the bark of trees and the larvae dig tunnels deep into the trunk, emerging the following year as adults. e larval activity eventually cuts o‹ the ”ow of sap and leaves trees open to infestation by other pests. Since the beetles were detected, proto- cols have been set up in collaboration with the Canadian Forest Service and scientists to help inspectors better recognize them and prevent their spread. In particular, an eradication pro-

A world-class dairy research centre is under construction in Elora, Ontario, near the University of Guelph.e Livestock Research Innovation Centre — Elora Dairy Facility is a partnership project realized by the uni- versity, the Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario and the Ontario dairy industry. At the centre, researchers and students will have up-to-the-minute facilities where they can develop advances in dairy cattle health and well-being, reproduction, nutrition and value-added milk components. e federal government is investing some $3 million in the centre, along with $1 million from the Ontario government, $1 million from the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and $1 million from other industry stakeholders. Agriculture and Agri-food Canada con†rms they are also investing $12 million in a †ve- year research cluster to bring together innov- ations and understanding in such domains as sustainable milk production, genetics and dairy nutrition.

ere are currently about 45 research pro- jects studying sustainable development in dairy farming and the role of milk in human health. Topics range from manure manage- ment to cow comfort to the e‹ects of dairy consumption on various illnesses and condi- tions. Why is a cutting-edge dairy research centre notable news in Canada? For one thing, the market place demands it. Consumers are increasingly concerned about ethical live- stock care and well-being, and they also want more accurate information about the impact of dairy on health. In fact, the overall dietary trend towards more protein-rich foods and vegetable- and fruit-based carbohydrates means dairy may well occupy a more central place in Canadian refrigerators in the future.

gram was created in 2004. Without the constant intervention of authorities, these insects would have soon attacked our hardwood tree popula- tions, including poplar, willow, birch, elm and maple. Losses could have amounted to several billion dollars for the wood industry, among others, as well as several million dollars for maple syrup producers. If you think you’ve found an Asian long-horned beetle infestation, it’s important to alert the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in your area as quickly as possible.

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