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Water conservation notice for PR region The recent rain stormmay havemade some of the streets seem like small rivers in towns and villages throughout the Prescott-Russell region. But there is still a slight water short- age for the area. has a chance to absorb the water. Make sure not to leave sprinklers on during the night or during the heat of the day. Avoid car washing if possible or use a bucket for washing rather than just letting the hose run.

The South Nation Conservation Agency (SNC) has issued a Level 1 Low Water Con- dition notice as of June 11. A Level 1 Notice means there is a potential for a water supply problem in the SouthNation River watershed but there is no cause for alarm at present if careful water conservation measures are observed. The SNC’s monitoring program for the wa- tershed indicates that the past spring season has seen about 60 to 70 per cent of the histori- cal average for rainfall in the region between the period fromMarch toMay. If the amount of rainfall during the late spring and early summer months continues at below-average levels then there is potential for more seri- ous water supply problems later in the year. The SNC suggests residents, businesses, and industries throughout the South Na- tion watershed region reduce their water consumption by at least 10 per cent. This is possible by doing away with non-essential water use and limiting needed water con- sumption as much as possible. Effective water conservation measures include: reducing personal shower time and also shutting off shower while soaping until it is time to rinse; make sure to use proper load size settings on washing machines; restrict lawn and garden watering to the earlymorn- ing or late evening hours when the ground

The SNC water response team has a June 17 review scheduled for an update review of watershedmonitoring reports and to discuss the low-water situation. The group includes representatives for municipalities within the SNC area, the agricultural sector and other special interest groups, and the provincial en- vironment and natural resources ministries. If below-average rainfall conditions con- tinue during the immediate future, then the SNC will have to consider either Level 2 or Level 3 Condition alerts. Level 2 means there is potential for a serious water supply problem while Level 3 means drought con- ditions are possible because the available water supply cannot meet urgent needs for the watershed fish and wildlife and human inhabitants. The SouthNation River watershed stretch- es from the headwaters of the South Nation River near Brockville and includes tributary streams like the Castor River as the South Nation flows down to the Ottawa River. The watershed stretches east as far asMaxville and west to the City of Ottawa and all the riverside communities in the Prescott-Russell region. Anyone with information to help the wa- ter monitoring program can call toll-free to 1-877-984-2948 or go online to www.nation. for details on reporting any unusual stream conditions.

Wind energy seems to be the power resource of the future. However, some council members are not so sure.


Councillor Gerard Miner wanted to ensure the contract would state that there will be a substation only and that no turbines will be installed in the Champlain area. Edey suggested creating a contract that would be subject to an agreement to adhere to the stipulations otherwisemaking the contract null and void. A public community meeting has been scheduled for June 22, at 6 p.m., at the Vankleek Hill community centre, right after the Champlain council has had a chance to gather at a special meeting scheduled for 2 p.m. the same day, to discuss the project. The informational meeting will include a question and answer period at the end of the meeting to give the public the opportunity to ask questions and ease concerns. Leader Resources is anOntario renewable energy developer, with 450MWof projects in various stages of development.The company develops wind, solar and other renewable and sustainable energy technologies.

To wind, or not to wind. That was the question posed to the Champlain council at the regular council meeting, June 10, by Leader Resources, an Ontario company that develops renewable energy sources. Charles Edey, Sébastien Garneau and Donald Lesko proposed a renewable wind energy project to council Wednesday evening. The rather lengthy proposal explained the advantages of wind energy, its cost efficiency, and quite a bit of technical jargon. Essentially, Leader Resources would like to install a wind power substation on private property in the Champlain Township. The company has a joint use agreement withHydro allowing them to run their lines along existing Hydro lines. “We would like to ensure a friendly handshake moving forward,” said Edey. However, council had a few questions.

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