Compass PNW Q2 2021 Market Insights

A L A I D - BACK L I F E ST YL E As we move forward, combining classical and modern design elements will transform any space with a new and fresh look. If we are working and living at home, why not look for ways to make our home more meaningful? NATURAL E L EMENTS As consumers connect more with nature, we will continue to see greenery, macrame, and Scandinavian-style furnishings and decorative styles that bring softness into our living spaces.

MACCENT WAL L S Wood-paneled accent walls in the living or dining areas are making a comeback in chic and modern ways. Look for stripes, textures, wood finishes, subtle or bold paint colors, and even wallpaper that looks like works of art. F L EX S PACE S Families are rethinking the purpose of rooms and transforming them into multifunctional spaces. Flexible spaces are being given a true purpose as the trend of remote work continues in 2021.


Unique and artful lighting is stealing the scene in living rooms, dining areas, and even in the bedroom. We will continue to see a mix of materials, finishes, and styles of lighting that are expanding our point of view.

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