Compass PNW Q2 2021 Market Insights

MONTHLY SUPPLY An estimated time it would take to sell all current active listings based on the trailing 12-month sales rate. % LIST PRICE TO CLOSED PRICE Also known as the “Sale-to-List Ratio”. This is the ratio of the final sale price of a home to its list price or asking price. The ratio is an indication of whether homes are selling above, at or below list prices. Figuring out this ratio is a simple two-step process: Divide the selling price by the asking price. Multiply the result by 100 to make it a percentage.


CLOSED SALES Figures for the current quarter are based on known closings recorded at the time the report is prepared. AVERAGE SALE PRICE The sum of all prices divided by the total number of properties.

MEDIAN PRICE The middle price of a given data set.

QUARTERS 1 Q January 1 – March 31 2Q April 1 – June 30 3Q July 1 – September 30 4Q October 1 – December 31

AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET Calculated by how many properties entered contract during the quarter in the given period.

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