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PG1SFNJFS,BUIMFFO8ZOOFTDVSSFOUDBCJ - net have also announced their retirement. Citizenship and Immigration Minister Michael Chan, of the Markham riding, and Govern- ment and Consumer Affairs Minister Tracy .BD$IBSMFT PG1JDLFSJOH4DBSCPSPVHI&BTU  have also declared that for personal reasons they will not run for reelection. From mayor to MPP Crack has spent 17 years in politics, first as a member of council and later as NBZPSGPS/PSUI(MFOHBSSZ5PXOTIJQ)FUIFO jumped into provincial politics to replace Jean-Marc Lalonde as the Liberal MPP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell after winning the 2011 provincial election. During his two terms in office, Crack has served as parliamentary secretary to the education minister and now is the parlia- mentary secretary for agriculture, food, and rural affairs. At present, he has no immediate plans following the June 7 election. “I’m interested in a number of things,” he said. “I’m open to anything that will make me happy.” Crack’s focus for now is on finishing as much business for Glengarry-Prescott-Rus- sell as possible before his official departure from the legislature, and also on supporting the new Liberal candidate following the GPR Liberal Association’s nomination process. Pierre Leroux, mayor of Russell Town- ship, has announced that he will see the nomination as the new Liberal candidate for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. Crack expressed support for Leroux’s chances of success. The riding association has a candidate nomina- tion vote in Saint-Isidore April 13, 7 p.m., at the recreation centre.

Grant Crack expects Liberal Red will remain the political colour for Glengarry- Prescott-Russell, even if he is no longer MPP for the riding after the June pro- vincial election. Crack issued a news release Thursday morning, April 5, to announce his decision to step down as MPP, about a month before the official campaign period starts for the June 7 provincial election. The announce- ment comes about two months after he was reconfirmed without opposition as the Liberal candidate for GPR, during the riding association’s January nomination meeting. “This is something we’ve been thinking about,” Crack said during a later afternoon phone interview, adding that he and his family had discussed “for well over a year, how we wanted to live our lives”, and whether or not he felt up spending another four years away from home, either in Toronto at the provincial legislature or on the road travelling throughout the riding. Crack said his decision to step down as MPP was made “with a clear mind and a somewhat heavy heart”. It is not due to any concern that the Liberals could lose the election and he might end up spending the next four years on the Opposition side of the legislature. i8FBSFHPJOHUPXJOBHBJO uIFTBJEi*G it’s not with a majority, it will be (with) a strong NJOPSJUZ8IFUIFS*XBTUPCFSFFMFDUFEPS not had no bearing on this decision.” Grant is not alone in withdrawing from the ranks of incumbent Ontario Liberal MPPs for the June provincial election. Two members

Le député provincial Grant Crack lors de la réunion de nomination de janvier 2018, qui l’a reconduit dans ses fonctions de candidat libéral dans Glengarry-Prescott-Russell pour les prochaines élections provinciales du 7 juin. Le député a depuis annoncé qu’il quittera la politique provinciale pour des raisons personnelles. —photo archive

&/#3&'r#3*&'4 CASSELMAN ANNULE SES FRAIS DE STATIONNEMENT PUBLIC Le conseil du Village de Casselman a finalement choisi d’annuler, lors de la réunion du 13 mars dernier, les frais de stationnement du terrain de la rue Brébeuf et de relocaliser le stationne- ment au Complexe JR Brisson. Cette mesure lui permettra d’économiser de l’argent sur les frais d’entretien, particulièrement le déneigement. Les personnes qui s’étaient procuré un permis de stationnement pourront obtenir un remboursement auprès du Village. – Caroline Prévost PEDESTRIAN PROTECTION REMINDER The OPP reminds drivers that Ontario passed a traffic safety law in 2016 to protect pedestrians at marked cross- ings. Drivers must stop when they see someone crossing the road at a marked pedestrian crosswalk. Pedestrians are also reminded to use marked crosswalks to cross streets and also to do so when traffic and crossing signals indicate they can. Also pay attention to traffic and do not be a “distracted walker” at a crossing. Motorists should also remember the special traffic rules when driving through a school zone or when approaching a school bus, which has stopped and has its signal lights.



Inscription / Registration April 13, 14 & 20 avril Vendredi / Friday April 13 avril, 6pm-8pm @TBO PLACE Samedi / Saturday April 14 avril, 10am-1pm @TBO PLACE Vendredi / Friday April 20 avril, 5pm-7pm @Community Centre communautaire Enfants 5-13 ans Children 5-13 years old $130 semaine de 5 jours / 5-day week $110 semaine de 4 jours / 4-day week (weeks/semaines 2&7) 8am-4pm Before and after camp care $20 /week 6-8am & 4-5:30pm

June 25-29 juin - Rythmes et tambours / Rhythms and drums July 3-6 juillet - Au creux de la forêt / Deep in the woods July 9-13 juillet - Aventures historiques / Historic Adventures July 16-20 juillet - Jouons à la vedette / Let’s be rockstars July 23-27 juillet - Noël des campeurs / Christmas in July July 30 juillet - August 3 août - Parc Jurassique / Jurrasic Park August 7-10 août - Cerf-volant et bulles / Kites and bubbles August13-17 août - Santé, sucré, salé / Strong, sweet and salty August 20-24 août - Semaine mystère / Mystery week

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