RI Annual Report 2023

Our Responsible Investment approach


ESG STARS equity funds

Towards Sustainability Label25

Label ISR26

Nordea 1 – Asian Stars Equity Fund LU2152927971 (BP-USD) / LU2152928607 (BI-USD) Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars Equity Fund LU0602539602 (BP-USD) / LU0602539354 (BI-USD) Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars ex China Equity Fund LU2528868008 (BP-USD) / LU2528868263 (BI-USD) Nordea 1 – European Small and Mid Cap Stars Equity Fund

LU0417818407 (BP-EUR) / LU0417818316 (BI-EUR) Nordea 1 – European Stars Equity Fund LU1706106447 (BP-EUR) / LU1706108732 (BI-EUR) Nordea 1 – Global Stars Equity Fund LU0985320562 (BP-USD) / LU0985319804 (BI-USD) Nordea 1 – Nordic Stars Equity Fund LU1079987720 (BP-EUR) / LU1079987134 (BI-EUR) Nordea 1 – North American Stars Equity Fund LU0772958525 (BP-USD) / LU0772957808 (BI-USD)

ESG STARS fixed income funds

Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars Bond Fund LU1915689316 (BP-USD) / LU1915689829 (BI-USD) Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars Corporate Bond Fund LU2500359935 (BP-USD) / LU2500360271 (BI-USD) Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars Local Bond Fund LU1160612526 (BP-USD) / LU1160610405 (BI-USD) Nordea 1 – European Corporate Stars Bond Fund LU1927797156 (BP-EUR) / LU1927797586 (BI-EUR) Nordea 1 – European High Yield Stars Bond Fund LU1927798717 (BP-EUR) / LU1927799012 (BI-EUR) Nordea 1 – North American High Yield Stars Bond Fund

LU1937720214 (BP-USD) / LU1937720487 (BI-USD) Nordea 1 – US Corporate Stars Bond Fund LU1933824283 (BP-USD) / LU1933824366 (BI-USD)

ESG Thematic funds

Nordea 1 – Global Climate and Environment Fund LU0348926287 (BP-EUR) / LU0348927095 (BI-EUR) Nordea 1 – Global Impact Fund LU2355697216 (BI-USD) / LU2355687059 (BP-USD) Nordea 1 – Global Climate Engagement Fund LU2463526074 (BP-USD) / LU2463525423 (BI-USD) Nordea 1 – Global Diversity Engagement Fund LU1939215403 (BI-USD) / LU1939214778 (BP-USD) Nordea 1 – Green Bond Fund LU232791321 (BI-EUR) / LU2327920356 (BP-EUR) Nordea 1 – Social Bond Fund LU2555222723 (BI-EUR) / LU2555222566 (BP-EUR) Nordea 1 – Global Social Empowerment Fund LU2257592514 (BP-USD) / LU 2257592787 (BI-USD) Nordea 1 – Global Social Solutions Fund LU2527453273 (BP-EUR) / LU2527453430 (BI-EUR) Nordea 1 – Global Sustainable Listed Real Assets Fund LU2500361329 (BP-USD) / LU2500361675 (BI-USD)

25) We have received recognition from the Belgian Central Labelling Agency in the form of “Towards Sustainability” label. The label was launched in 2019 and it aims to install trust and reassure potential investors that the financial product is managed with sustainability in mind and is not exposed to very unsustainable practices, without requiring of investors to do a detailed analysis themselves. For more information on the “Towards Sustainability” label, visit www.towardssustainability.be. 26) Label ISR is created and supported by the French Finance Ministry. The label’s goal is to increase the visibility of SRI products among savers in France and Europe. For more infor- mation on the Label ISR, visit https://www.lelabelisr.fr/en/what-sri-label/.

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