Teaching & Learning at Christ's College

Key competencies

Think creatively and critically College students develop and use a wide range of thinking and problem-solving skills, including: • Enquiry-based thinking • Critical thinking • Problem-solving within relationships

Manage themselves and demonstrate good character College students develop self-management skills that enhance lifelong learning, including: • Preparing for class with a positive, ready to learn attitude • Having the correct equipment for each class • Listening and speaking appropriately in class discussions • Following instructions and accepting consequences • Learning the importance of social and community responsibility • Participating to an acceptable level within class • Meeting deadlines through assessment and homework tasks.

• Decision-making • Systems thinking.

Relate to, and collaborate with, others effectively College students learn to work both independently and collaboratively, including: • Learning about appropriate behaviour and

language expected in the classroom • Learning about social responsibility • Developing understanding of different perspectives • Working collaboratively in class • Learning to listen and cooperate in class discussions.

Participate and contribute as a local and global citizen

College students work together and contribute to various groups within the school and in the wider community by: • Accessing research facilities and organisations at school and in the wider community • Valuing and respecting other people’s opinions and perspectives • Developing character and leadership skills in anticipation of serving their community.

Use language symbols and texts to communicate effectively College students develop a wide understanding of languages and symbols, including:

• Using ICT in the classroom • Focusing on literacy skills • Focusing on numeracy skills.


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