Teaching & Learning at Christ's College

Digital literacy and e-Learning

Remote learning In the event that Christ’s College is unable to meet in a traditional classroom setting, we will offer a remote learning education. ‘Live’ classrooms have the same purpose, but the nature of teaching and interactions allows us to lead more from the front. Remote learning requires the students to be proactive in initiating learning in between contact with teachers. Our structures and tools maintain connection and ensure guidance.

Christ’s College is a 1-1 laptop school. While teachers rely on a range of communication and work methods in class, the integration of technology into the classroom allows our students to develop their digital literacy in the everyday context. While learning course content, students are also learning how to navigate the online world, including the validity of resources, ways to access facts and opinions, and opportunities to enhance their work in digital tools. Our Digital Services Team supports our teachers and students through our Learning Management System: Schoolbox, Google Workspace for Education, and many other online tools such as Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Exam.net.

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