Fine Gardening at High Prairie

Discover why the best landscapes and lawns in Kansas City are thriving. Creating elevated outdoor spaces requires a comprehensive approach.

The High Prairie Fine Gardening Program

Do you find yourself coveting the neighbor's yard, avoiding having people over, or juggling multiple service providers for your landscape? We understand what it's like to feel frustration with your outdoor spaces because we've experienced it at our own homes. You don't have to settle for being frustrated. You deserve to spend your time ENJOYING your outdoors with your loved ones. We're here to help you discover that joy. Your Landscape Shouldn't Cause You Stress and Frustration

What's Different about High Prairie Outdoors? The High Prairie Legacy Program- A three part system for creating elevated outdoor living spaces with unmatched style, longevity, and convenience. HP Pro’s : Our staff are part of our “ Family-Safe ” program, which means they’ve passed national background checks to help ensure your safety and security. They’re also year-round employees who are educated and trained in their area of specialization. Our industry-leading retention rate means we don’t lose our staff and our clients benefit from reliability, higher-standards, and seeing familiar faces all year. HP Fine Gardening Program : A robust program engineered as a comprehensive solution to maintaining all aspects of your outdoor living spaces with a focus on high attention to detail, proactive lawn and landscape management, and high- impact seasonal color rotations. No more need to juggle multiple companies to maintain your outdoors spaces, we have a power team for you!

Legacy Program Info

The Proven Process

We’ll review your self-assessment score for your property conditions. This will be your “Benchmark Score” we’ll measure our performance against. We’ll visit about your wishes and proposed scope. We’ll take detailed measurements and assess the outdoors for opportunities to improve the space. Discovery Meeting We’ll meet at your home where we’ll dive into your current outdoor spaces and how we can improve them together. Who: Your account manager and any decision makers. Agenda: 1. Time: 1-2 hours 2. Proposal + Presentation Your account manager will provide a formal proposal based on your desired scope and any suggested recommendations.

Your power team will include a dedicated account manager, a maintenance field supervisor, a specialized crew lead for each area of expertise, and an educated, year-round crew. Project Jump Start: If your property needs extra help to get it into better health and cleanliness, we’ll offer an initial jump-start package allowing for extra time to get things into shape. We’ll begin our routine maintenance tasks based on your property plan. 3. You Get a Power Team + Work Begins Once you approve your proposal, we begin building your property plan and assembling your unique power team. 4. Regular Quality Checks and Your Feedback with the Property Improvement Score Every visit, your power team provides a report and details about what they completed, what needs done next, and they report any possible concerns to your account manager. Your account manager and field supervisor work in tandem to provide additional quality checks all year long. You’ll have the opportunity to rate our services and how we’re improving your property during the year. We’ll be able to compare this score to your original benchmark score.







12 Month Care Program Budget based on: Scope Style of $800-$6500+ PER MONTH



Lawn Freedom Plan: Turf Protect and Feed Program Robotic or Conventional Mow + Trim Turf Renovations Soil Health Improvement Mulching Organic Matter Integration Snow Removal Hardscape Servicing and Cleaning Pool and Water Feature Maintenance

Account Manager Field Supervisor Specialized Crew Leads HP Pro Team: Year- Round Crews

2X per Week, Weekly or Bi-Weekly Bed Detailing Plant Health Care: Feed & Protect Program for Landscape Plants Irrigation Care: Monitor, Adjust, and Repair Shearing/Pruning Seasonal Clean-Up Leaf Removal Soil Testing

Landscape Area being Maintained Frequency of Visits Plant Types

Our proactive approach to caring for your outdoor spaces ensures we’re minding the details every step of the way.


All-Inclusive Packages 12 Month Service Cycle Base Package is Minimum Scope Optional Upgrades are a-la-cart.

Seasonal Color Packages, Holiday Lighting, Landscape Lighting, and Landscape Enhancements are also available.

Building the Soil: First, we continuously improve the health of your soil. Using the Best Plants: Then, we tour trial gardens all over the nation to hand-select the best cultivars for bigger, better color. Once selected, we get our plants custom grown months in advance. Once installed, we provide a proactive feeding and trimming program to keep the blooms coming. Our rotation options are: Spring, Summer, Early Fall, Late Fall, Early Winter, and Late Winter There is an art and a science to designing, installing, and maintaining annual flower displays that provide interest almost every day of the year. At High Prairie, we’ve created a proven program for vigorous color throughout the seasons. Brilliant Blossom Program: Seasonal Color Displays in Containers and Beds

Custom Lighting: Professional grade strands are measured and cut precisely to your home’s measurements. Up to nine color options or combinations to choose from Lawn-Level Lighting for a Multi-Layered Design- Trees, Shrubs, Forms, Shapes, Paths Custom Fresh Greenery Designed and Installed by our Floriculture Team Late-Winter Greenery Refresh Options We take down and store your lights after the season is over. The holiday season is stressful with busy schedules, hosting gatherings, and the year- end task list. At High Prairie Outdoors, we design, install, maintain, and store your lighting and decor so that you don’t have to worry about it! Holiday Lighting and Fresh Greenery

Nutrients and Pest/Disease Prevention with our Lawn Feeding Program Water Management: Irrigation care and monitoring are key to turf vitality. Our irrigation team monitors your system, makes programming adjustments as needed, and offers system improvement ideas when needed. (Our irrigation program includes our own software and hardware, so you’ll be fully included in our system without relying on your wi-fi!) Robotic Mowing: The last piece of the lawncare trifecta is the most impactful. By mowing with a less invasive robotic program, your turf becomes more dense, stays green longer, and has a healthier root system. ( Studies done by University of Georgia indicate these facts when compared to conventional mowing) The health and vitality of your turf relies on three key services. Together, the trio of services build upon each other to perpetually improve your turf health over time. The three keys to healthy turf: Lawn Freedom Plan

Landscape Maintenance

Who We Are

What if a company set out to challenge the status quo of corner cutting and mediocracy within the landscaping and outdoor living industries? What if we believed that you deserve more. You deserve peace-of-mind with life- improving service and design. What if your improved landscape and outdoor spaces were designed, built, and maintained by professionals who are educated, have clean backgrounds, and stay year after year to serve you better? Humble Beginnings Our small, family-owned business was started by one woman in 2010 after witnessing poor quality and poor employee treatment within our industry. Robyn Schmitz started out with nothing but an old Jeep and the desire to help people experience a different kind of outdoor living company. A company who believes in treating all people, both clients and employees, the way they deserve to be treated. A company who delivers a rare caliber of design, craftsmanship, and service. We’re still small enough to care but large enough to deliver exceptional results on both complicated outdoor construction projects and complex garden care programs. We’ll never be the cheapest, but we’ll provide value for every dollar through lasting quality, peace-of- mind, and maximizing your property’s potential. You deserve no less.

Thank You...

Budgeting Guide

Thank you for considering our small business. You have choices and we're honored. We're delighted to get to know you and your family. Business is built on relationships and we're your neighbors. As you've learned by now, we're a different kind of company. We're not JUST a landscape company or JUST a hardscape company. We're designing, building, and nourishing natural environments crafted to provide a comprehensive experience of relaxation, contentment, and human connection in the fresh air of your own garden and outdoor spaces. Welcome to the experience-driven lifestyle!

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Ways we Help DESIGN: Landscapes, Patios, Pools, Shade Structures, Comprehensive Estates, Irrigation CONSTRUCTION: Licensed and Certified Team with Six-Sigma Trained Project Managers High Prairie has both Licensed General Contractors and Certified Pool Builders on staff. Several certified patio and retaining wall installers for stone, pavers, and porcelain Carpentry and Fencing Team Irrigation, Hydraulics, and Drainage Team Planting Team Stone Mason Team FINE GARDENING, TURF PROGRAMS, IRRIGATION CARE, AND POOL CARE


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