Black Men And Prostate Cancer By The Numbers Infographic

ZERO is committed to health equity. In order to achieve our mission to end prostate cancer, we must also zero out racial

disparities in prostate cancer.


If prostate cancer is suspected as a result of screening, a biopsy or further testing may be performed. If prostate cancer is confirmed, additional tests may be done to learn more about the tumor to determine treatment options.


ZERO360: Comprehensive Patient Support 1-844-244-1309 (Toll-Free): ZERO360 is a free, comprehensive service, staffed by case managers who help patients and their families navigate insurance, find resources to help pay for treatment and living expenses, connect with emotional support services, and ensure access to care.


Us TOO Support Groups: A variety of peer-led virtual and in-person groups are available offering emotional support, resources, and education to empower those impacted by prostate cancer to make informed decisions on testing, treatment, and management of side effects. Groups for Black men are also available through the Black Men’s Prostate Cancer Initiative. MENtor: A one-to-one peer support network where trained, volunteer MENtors have a wealth of insights to share based on their experiences. Online Support Services: ZERO Connect is a Facebook-based support group for participants to share stories, ask questions, and connect. An invite-only Facebook group also exists for Black men/caregivers (email for information). The Inspire Online Support Community ( ) connects patients and loved ones to enhance the quality of life for all those affected by prostate cancer.

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