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(176,000 population compared to Boise’s 228,000). With a revitalized downtown, low cost of living, and a deep historical setting, it ranks No. 4 on the Realtor.com list. The city boasts an average of 51 inches of rain a year, so the springs and summers are hot and humid, but the winters are mild. Outdoor activities and visiting the city zoo or museums are popular attractions for residents. Winston-Salem, North Carolina Dubbed as The City of Arts and Innovation and placed at No. 8 on the Realtor.com list, this city has become particularly attractive for its growing tech and banking businesses. It’s also a center for the tobacco industry as well as the original home to Krispy Kreme doughnuts! The climate is also pleasant, with summer highs around 88 degrees F and winter lows around 28 degrees F. With a low cost of living and rich arts and culture, Winston-Salem has drawn a lot of attention from Americans nationwide. You aren’t alone if you’re thinking about moving to one of these beautiful, mid-sized cities. Best of luck looking for your future dream home! TOP TRENDING U.S. CITIES FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING

Americans have been moving out of densely populated cities for a few years now as they face skyrocketing housing and cost of living expenses — especially recently in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. But many people assume that homes in U.S. cities with perfect views and diverse cultures are way out of their price range. The truth is that many homes in cities with those attractive qualities are affordable, even if they aren’t along the coast. Boise, Idaho Compared to its No. 8 spot in 2019, Boise is ranked No. 1 by Realtor.com as one of the nation’s top housing markets in 2020. In recent years, Boise has become a particularly hot spot for fleeing Californians. As a city with all four seasons, its beautiful, mild climate is comparable to California’s warm springs and summers, though the falls and winters tend to be quite a bit snowier. The culture features an outdoor lifestyle and a strong education system, and the job market has grown since HP Inc. and Micron Technologies moved there. Chattanooga, Tennessee Along the Tennessee River bordering Georgia, Chattanooga is beautiful, fantastic for families, and a smaller city than Boise It can be easy to feel a sense of helplessness right now. The world is experiencing a big problem, and many people don’t know how to help ease some of these hardships. Fortunately, the past few months have shown that creativity and compassion can go a long way. Just take a look at these companies that have thought outside of the box so they could give back. Airbnb is helping first responders (who are spending extremely long days and nights on the job) get the restful accommodations they need. Many medical professionals are working a grueling amount of hours then commuting long distances to get some rest. In many cases, they also have family members at home who they don’t want to put at risk. Seeing this need, Airbnb has aided in removing that burden by encouraging hosts to offer accommodations for free or at greatly reduced prices. They’ve also removed their own processing fees. BrewDog is a beer brewery in the U.K. that was one of the first breweries to retool their business to temporarily provide hand sanitizer during its most grave shortages. They’ve packed and donated over 50,000 units of hand sanitizer to local charities and have even created job opportunities by enlisting extra team members to help them with the process. 4 Businesses Being Innovative With Giving Back LET’S TAKE A PAGE OUT OF THEIR BOOK

Logitech specializes in everything from keyboards to mouses, but when schools first switched to remote classroom settings, they expanded their production of headsets. Many households are equipped with a computer and its basic accessories, but few have headsets that are compatible with children. So Logitech offered free headsets to U.S. schools to distribute to their students at home. LEGO retooled their factory in Denmark, pausing production on the little toy bricks kids love to instead produce over 13,000 safety visors a day for front-line health care workers. They’ve also begun working on their goal to give away 500,000 LEGO kits to children in need during these hard times. Your business may not be able to produce hand sanitizer or build protective equipment, but there are always innovative ways to help in times of need. So let’s dig deep and contribute when people need help the most.



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