Dri Tech - September 2020


There’s Good News Out There Too

4. Science has also emerged to start officially backing the consensus that airborne spread of the virus is happening. Being armed with this important information is what allows new plans (and controls for regulation) to form; for example, this encourages innovative ways to make enclosed spaces safer for larger amounts of people. 5. Several recent studies are now showing that anywhere from 20%– 50% of people who have never been exposed to the coronavirus may have immune cells. Although much more research is needed to fully understand these hypotheses, this is a step in a hopeful direction as people look for new sources and ways to combat the virus. 6. The first of the vaccine trials seem to be working. At the beginning of the pandemic, these early trials were cause for concern because the virus was so new. Now, experts around the globe have a much more optimistic outlook for the future of a coronavirus vaccine, and they are breaking timeline records to get it.

Increasing numbers and dwindling outlooks don’t tell the whole story. There’s a lot going on that’s actually helping professionals figure out how to make things better during the pandemic, and that’s something to be hopeful about. Here are recent stories that provide the optimism we all need right now. 1. Even though there’s been significant headway with a vaccine (according to Dr. Fauci who said, “We’re in a pretty good place when it comes to vaccines”), therapeutic treatments will arrive before vaccines. These treatments will allow us to stop the virus from replicating inside of the body. 2. Saliva tests will be available soon. Think of them as personalized tests for the coronavirus. If people can run simple saliva tests at home, there’s a great chance that our lives can return to semi-normal, because everyone will be able to self-test before going out in public. 3. The science behind wearing a mask is no longer theoretical: Universal mask-wearing really does work to stop the spread of the virus. On top of that good news, trends show that universal mask wearing is catching on instead of moving the other way, which means it’s actively helping to stop the spread of the virus.


At the Round Table DID YOU KNOW?

Marc-Andre Fleury currently holds the longest active playoff streak of any individual player across the four major sports leagues in North America. This postseason

• 14 straight postseason appearances • 142 games played • 78-62 postseason record • 4176 saves • 3 assists • 5 Stanley Cup appearances • 3 Stanley Cup rings

will mark Fleury’s 14th consecutive trip to the playoffs, a feat unmatched by even Tom Brady and LeBron James. At 35 years old, the Golden Knights’ goalie may not try to chase down the longest ever NHL playoff streak set by Larry Robinson and Nicklas Lidstrom with 20 straight trips to the postseason, but his fans would certainly love for him to try!



Here are Fleury’s impressive postseason statistics to date:




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