Mid-State Connect Winter 2017 Issue

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My name is Dr. Shelly Mondeik, and I am honored to be able to serve as the sixth president of Mid-State Technical College.

In the short time I have been here, I have been able to get out into a number of the communities in Mid-State’s district to visit businesses, K–12 schools, leaders, and community members. The incredible discussions and conversations we’ve had truly make me look forward to what we can accomplish together. Over the next few months, I look forward to getting to know you even better and identifying even more opportunities for partnerships. Together we can create new and innovative approaches to meeting the needs of our communities and businesses here in central Wisconsin. • K–12 – Building and enhancing our K–12 partnerships • Programming – Reviewing programs for the five R’s—right programs with the right curriculum offered in the right format and right delivery mode in the right location at the right time • Workforce & Economic Development – Offering ongoing customized solutions to our business partners • Continuing Education – Meeting professional development and community enrichment needs for all in our district Moving forward, our efforts for the communities we serve will continue to focus on four key areas:

I am glad to be a part of Mid-State and look forward to working with all of you.

Pictured left to right: Mid-State’s past presidents Dr. Brian Oehler, Dr. John Clark, and Dr. Sue Budjac, and current president Dr. Shelly Mondeik.


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