Beautique Medical Spa - September 2017



How often do you look in the mirror and think, “If only my lips looked like they used to …”? If the answer

at Beautique Medical Spa! Volbella is the new, FDA-approved injectable that can give you back the lip plumpness you are missing. Whether you have small lines or fine wrinkles in the lip area, Volbella is the latest option to minimize those imperfections. Your lips have delicate surfaces, and Volbella treats them that way. It uses a smaller hyaluronic acid particle size than other injectables to treat fine lines and target only small wrinkles. Instead of overfilling the area, you get a more natural look. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar molecule, so Volbella makes use of something that’s already in your body. The treatment restores some of the lost hyaluronic acid that happens during aging, revitalizing the lips you love. If you’re worried about pain, feel at ease with Volbella. As is always the case with our injectables, we use the smallest needles possible to make the process relatively painless. Another perk of Volbella is that it contains a small amount of lidocaine, a local anesthetic that will reduce pain and make the injections more comfortable for you. Why is Volbella different from other fillers? It is the first lip augmentation filler that’s FDA approved to target those unwanted perioral lines (sometimes called smoker lines) that tend to show up around the mouth. It utilizes filler technology called Vycross to give longer-lasting results and a smoother, more natural feel to the lips. Volbella is part of the Juvéderm family of specialized products that are used to reach specific areas and get you the results you desire. Another benefit of Volbella? Recovery time is short, and we can adjust treatment based on your schedule. People are typically able to return to their usual activities after getting Volbella. You’ll want to avoid sun exposure and extreme exercise for the first 24 hours, but you should be able to return to most activities as usual. As technology advances, we at Beautique are always on the lookout for what’s going to give you the best results while being the least invasive. That’s what Volbella has to offer. It’s a nonsurgical lip augmentation that gives you longer-lasting results. We know you worry about lip injections that give you overfilled lips. At Beautique, we pride ourselves on using treatments that give you a natural, youthful look, and that’s why we are using Volbella. Call Beautique Medical Spa today to learn more about the benefits of Volbella and to schedule your consultation. Our experienced providers will walk you through the treatment, answer any questions you have, and help you decide if it’s the right treatment for your lip lines. We look forward to sharing all the amazing benefits of Volbella with you!

–Dr. Sanchez OWNER, MEDICAL DIRECTOR | 956-664-1234

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