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We are celebrating 25 years of Delta®!


• Introduction of Viola x wittrockiana F1 Delta ® series under the company name S&G

• Delta ® replaced the Viola x wittrockiana Roc series • 17 colours at introduction • Bred by Martien Gutter • Stabilizing hybrid parents with innovative technique • 5 new colours introduced

An eternally young classic celebrates its birthday! 25 years of Delta ® are a reason to celebrate. Bred and produced from the beginning to the present day to meet your highest demands - often imitated, but still the barely attainable benchmark. How can this work over such a long period? The secret of our success lies in the fact that we have never stopped improving the best. Our breeders observe the market in order to sense or create trends with innovations, at a time when they are still far away in the future. Standing still means taking a step backwards, and in the last 6 years alone, over 40% of the Delta ® range has been renewed or improved. So that we can look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary as market leader, we will continue to put all our energy into the core values of Delta ® . Quality and reliability are our top priority which means that only the best genetics can be included in our Delta ® family. Without promising too much - but looking into the future of Delta ® breeding which leads us into anticipation and will also be another milestone for you, heralding a new era. Your high demands from Delta ® genetics are our challenge, which we will gladly continue to meet.

What Confucious would of recommended…

…had he thought of it in 479 BC


Delta Premium – the choice of the wise!

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ane, Halsall, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39


• New generation of Delta ® varieties introduced under the name Delta ® Premium • 10 additional colours introduced and 5 improved, including colours like Yellow with Blotch, White with Blotch and True Blue


2005-2010 • Founding father of Delta ® , Martien Gutter retired. His breeding legacy was taken over by Robbie Gieslink • Delta ® Premium Pure Lemon won the price for best new introduction • Delta ® Violet & White and Pure Lemon as main introduction to the series • Do it Delta ® campaign


• Took over breeding company Goldsmith • Breeding activities of Delta ® and Karma integrated • 42% of the colours within the Delta ® series improved in this timeframe

2015-2020 • Delta ® series exist of 30 colours today • Large shelf life and garden performance trials for Delta ® vs competition, showing Delta ® is still the leading Pansy series • Introduction of Delta ® Orange Imp. • Many more exciting launches expected in the coming 2 years! Stay tuned


Delta ®

Delta ®


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