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“Immediately after the German reunification we received a recommendation from a Syngenta sales representative on the production of flowers. We did not regret this decision and therefore we were one of the first viola producers in the region right from the start. Delta ® genetics was good from the beginning and stood for a wide range of varieties and a good shelf life. Of course, we also tried other genetics, but the feedback from end consumers made us move exclusively to Delta ® genetic after a short time. A long time ago we supplied just one cemetery gardener with Delta ® genetics, today we supply all the cemetery gardeners in the region because the quality of the plants is convincing in the long run. The shelf life and flower power have always been convincing both in production and with the consumer. The recommendations of the Syngenta sales staff showed a high level of knowledge about genetics and have always helped us with the right variety composition. Regular improvements and innovations from Delta ® genetics continue to help us meet our own high standards.”

“For over 25 years a team of breeders, growers, pollinators and scientists in Syngenta work every day to create the best pansies for all our customers: grower, retailer and consumer. We want you to have pansy that are easy and reliable to produce, sell through and enjoyed in every garden. I am proud to lead the breeding process of Delta ® Pansies for over a decade now and I’m grateful to see our pansies being produced and enjoyed all over the world. But there is no time to sit back and relax, climate change, the need for more sustainable production, evolving consumer trends are changing the requirements for success of tomorrow’s pansy. Myself and my team are looking forward to continuing to provide you with the best pansies today and for the coming 25 years.”

Robbie Gieslink Breeder Syngenta Flowers

Gartenbau Kinnemann & Martin GbR Jörg Martin Zwenkau, Germany

“Our company was created in 1913 by my great-grandfather with a major focus on Pelargonium. We have produced pansies for 30 years and always use Delta ® from the beginning with a great success. We are looking for a product that flowers well in short days, with a good shelf life and easy to prepare; which is not the case for all other series in the market. In fact, next year, we plan to increase the amount of improved single colours in our planning. For example, Lavender Shades, which is a fantastic trend colour. In the last year, we have adapted our fertilization program following the advice of Ben, Technical Specialist from Syngenta Flowers. The improvement in shelf life and rich flowering on not only biennials but other crops, is there.”

“What we appreciate about Delta ® genetics is the high uniformity and the wide variety of colours. The structure of the plants is very good, they are compact and can be controlled very reliably. The series has proven itself under various weather conditions. For planning, it is always important for us to reliably clear the areas, this is always guaranteed with Delta ® and there are almost no leftovers when selling. We appreciate the constant improvements in genetics; for example, the mildew tolerance has continuously improved and the uniformity of the individual varieties has become more and more adapted in the flowering process, even the post-flowering behavior is very reliable.”

Régis Benoist EARL Benoist Horticulture France

Verena Rath Gartenbaubetrieb Rath Moosinning, Germany

“Delta ® Viola are the most complete and balanced hybrid large-flowered Pansy on the market. They are supplied as young plants in a 480 cell Tray (X-tray) and enables, among other things, robotic potting which is a key to success for us.

In the past, we sowed ourselves not only Delta ® seed but also other genetics but in the meanwhile we switched completely to the Delta ® genetic in the X-Tray which always has a high uniformity.”

“We as Kwekerij Hartink grow Delta ® violas from the beginning. We sell regional to flower shops, gardeners and garden centers. Most of our customers would like to have a wide colour range and uniform growth. Because the Delta ® series matched our and our customers criteria, we started growing the Delta ® series. By continuous improvements within the series, Delta ® still meets all our wishes. We expect that Syngenta will stay the market leader because they are in good contact with the growers and they know where our wishes and challenges lay!”

Azalea Chlumec s.r.o Petr Nachlinger Chlumec, Czech Republic

Kwekerij Hartink Jan Hartink The Netherlands

“We oversee landscaping in Madrid and to flower that beautiful capital we have used Delta ® for many years. We chose that genetic because its strong and well branching. It is continuously flowering from October till March, even in frost and low light days conditions. And if you look at pansies close to Madrid, you will find them very easily, as growers have confidence in this variety.”

“For 20 years we have been producing pansies, from the very beginning we have been growing Delta ® . We are attached to the Delta ® because the plants have large flowers and do not stretch out. We value Delta ® varieties for their even flowering, which allows us to offer a set of colours at the same time, and the rich colours encourage buyers. In spring, when the temperature in the production facilities rises, the plants maintain a compact habit. Delta ® has not lost its features for 20 years and is constantly being improved.”

Carmen Lázaro Muñoz Acciona Spain

Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Monika & Waldemar Kalkowscy Elbląg, Poland

Buen Retiro garden, Madrid 

“Let us introduce you to Gabrieli Luciano from Italy, he produces Delta ® since the very beginning, 25 years ago.

Violas of the Delta ® family are very much appreciated by all consumers who plant them in their garden because there is a wide assortment of pure colours, with eyes and blotches. Gardeners also appreciate this series because they are very easy, continuously flowering and their large flowers bring colour to beautiful gardens and flowerbeds by using a few plant. Over the years, we have integrated the colour assortment that was gradually replaced by improved genetics and new colours.”

“We have been producing Delta ® Violas for over 20 years. This genetics is characterised by a homogeneous, balanced growth and the flowering times of the individual varieties and the series are very uniform. Delta ® offers us a wide range of colours and a long flowering time with a good shelf life. What is especially important in our production is that the plants have a compact growth and are very resistant to diseases.”

Gabrieli Luciano Gabrieli Luciano Italy

Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Rafał Cierzan Karsin, Poland

“For us, the customer has always been, and still is, the most important thing. If our customers are satisfied and we grow with them, then we do everything right. This is the case with the Delta ® Violas. We produce a large proportion for garden centers and here Delta ® genetics are unbeatable. The uniformity is extremely high and the control of the culture on time is very safe and easy. Even with a long sales window the durability of the plants is excellent. With the existing colour variety and the constant further improvements, I am already looking forward to the next 25 years with Delta ® .”

Jan Gärtner Gärtnerei Gärtner Drebach, Germany


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