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Gift ideas for Baby’s first Christmas Baby’s first Christmas is a magical event, and one that’s sure to be immortalized with photos and vi- deos galore. That being said, this moment usually poses its own set of challenges — namely, what do you give a baby who has already been spoiled so much since birth? When it comes to toys, look for products designed with your child’s age in mind, or things that he or she will be able to enjoy in a few months. As the case may be, rattles, stacking blocks, bath toys, plastic books, wooden puzzles and activity mats are ideal. For young walkers in training, toys to push and pull around are great. A word of advice: if you live in a small apartment, avoid stocking up on oversized playthings.

Finally, if numerous loved ones insist on getting a gift, why not suggest that they pool together their resources for something special like a professional photo shoot for the baby? That way, you’ll avoid finding yourself with 32 pairs of red and white pyjamas.

The good news is that your baby is way too young to care about the contents of the shiny boxes under the tree. In other words, practical gifts are just fine. Think of any equipment you haven’t bought yet that you might still need, such as a folding playpen, a high chair or a food processor. You could also go with colourful, playful bins to store the count- less toys you’ll undoubtedly start collecting soon. Christmas is also the perfect occasion to splurge on the beautiful decorative items and high-end plush toys that you wouldn’t normally purchase.

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