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September 2018

Dear ZPT family and friends,


My husband, Kent, and I recently took a trip north to the lovely town of Ludington, Michigan, in my dependable 2009 Subaru Forester. Before the trip Kent aired up my tires and reported that I have a slow leak in one of them. Not surprisingly, I had also tested the tread and found that the tires are ready to be replaced very soon. The ramifications of not paying attention to these maintenance details could be tragic! Likewise, when we ignore our body’s signals that things aren’t quite right, that we are leaking (oops!) or that we are getting worn out in places and weak in others, the results could be worst than if we would simply find out what is happening and handle the situation. Why not get the answers and the help you need, by getting a “tune up” with your local experts in human “body work”: ZPT! September 22 is National Fall Prevention Awareness Day! So we are sharing tips on how to test yourself and how to protect you or a loved one from tripping and falling. Balance and reaction time are part of the equation, as well as the safety of your home environment. We have put together a little packet of information available at ZPT for you to pick up and take home with check lists and things to do this month that could make a big difference in your family’s safety. See inside for more details. At the end of September, my classmates from ZCHS, the class of 1978, are meeting for our 40-year reunion. I know… do the math. As members of the reunion committee, we have been planning for over a year, to reach everyone and to plan our dinner and party. One of the tasks for each of the classmates was to complete a questionnaire, which gave us an opportunity to reflect on what we had done over the past 40 years. Wow. Funny how most of what I wrote about was my family. Then, I actually wrote about ZPT, what we do, why we do it, and how it has blessed my staff and me to provide education and excellent rehabilitation to the community where I grew up! I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life right now. I hope and pray that we continue to grow as a business, to help as many as we can in our conservative methods of pain relief and strengthening, all with a personal caring touch. ELAINE MORRISON Owner

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Patient Success SPOTLIGHT

I had constant pain in my neck and shoulder! “Beforecoming toZPT, Ihadconstant pain in my neck and shoulder. I had trouble lifting my right arm to shoulder height.They (the ZPTteam) helped me get rid of all my pain, and I can get a full night's sleep now. Because of Emina and the rest of ZPT, I have been much happier. It is always a pleasure coming in to therapy. They are always cheerful and fun.” - David C.

Be blessed!

Gratefully, Elaine p.s. Be joyful. Grow to maturity. Encourage each other. Live in harmony and peace. Then the God of love and peace will be with you. 2 Corinthians 13:11.

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