Hands For Living_ High Five to A New Year

High Five to a New Year

• There is so much more to a manicure than simply making your nails look nice.Awelldonemanicurewillremove dead skin from your hands, give you a brief hand massage, and apply lotions and oils to the skin as needed. Investing inamanicureeverymonthor so can really help improve the health of your hands. Asthewintermonthsmove inandtheNew Year takes its time to thaw, make sure that you are taking precautions and preventing your hands from being overexposed to the elements by wearing the appropriate protective gear at all times. A simple pair of gloves can go a longway inmaking sure that you are staying warm and that your hands and fingers don’t grow too cold or dry thanks to the weather. If you haven’t developed a hand-care routine before, now is definitely the time to get started. You rely on your hands everydayforallsortsofdifferentactivities. Takingcareofyourhandsmeans improving comfort and utility in all of those day to day actions. For guidance and support in developing a hand-care routine, contact our office.

It is often said, “New Year, New You,” but the older you get, the wiser you get, and the more you realize that while the year maybenew,youareverymuch leftwiththe same “you.”There are old injuries that will continue to bother you, and pain that you are going to continue to experience—that is, unless, you are ready to finally take the steps to do something about it. If you’ve experienced hand pain in the past, and it is something that is severelybotheringyou, now is the time to do something about it. Make this New Year the best New Year by taking action and calling our office to scheduleaconsultationtofinallyovercome pain with targeted hand therapy options. There are a lot of things thatyou can hope for intheNewYear,butanewpairofhands aren’t one of them.You’ve got to take care of the pair that you’ve got, and the best way to do that is by developing a strong hand-care routine.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your hands this New Year: Treat cracks or calluses as they develop—don’t let them linger! The quicker you are able to address these issues by applying lotion, the quicker they will heal and the more comfortable your hands will be. Prevent dryness byregularlyapplying lotion. Find a hand lotion that you preferandmakearoutine inapplying it everyevening.Thiswillhelptoprevent dryness from building. Whileyoumaywashyour entire body with whatever soap you choose at the store, your hands kind of get the most of it in the process. If you are usingacheapersoap,thiscouldcause irritation or even cause your hands to dryout.Considerupgradingyoursoap and investing in a loofa or washcloth that will take some of that pressure off your hands.

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