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YAMAHA presents the SR Viper

Ten reasons to make ATVs your passion

7. Thrills: bumps and slopes are always around the next corner. Just be sure you know how to ride them. 8. Discovery: there’s no lack of des- tinations when the time comes to discover new areas of the country on your ATV. 9. Economic spinoffs: ATVers help in the development of tourism and the economy in their own region and the regions they explore. 10.Accessible for everyone: renting a quad is affordable and is the best way to have a first taste of this sport. You’re going to love it, guaranteed!

Are you a quad fan? If you are, then you already know how much fun it is to ride an ATV in every season of the year. How- ever, if you’re new to the game, here are ten reasons why ATVing could become your next passion. 1. Magnificent scenery: forests, moun- tains, lakes and rivers — stunning vistas and fresh air are packed into the outdoors. 2. Riding into the sunset: there’s noth- ing like the freedom of riding a quad, even if you haven’t decided where you’re headed. 3. Anytime, anywhere: gene-

Partnership agreements between manufactur- ers are common in the automobile world, the main aim being to reduce production costs. The snowmobile industry is also getting in on the act. Even though it always comes as a surprise to see rival car makers combin- ing their strengths to develop a vehicle together, it is even more surprising that in 2014 Yamaha has decided to share some of its technologies with Arctic Cat. Such a col- laboration is even more unexpected, consid- ering that the snowmobile market is smaller and more competitive than the automobile market. Rather than developing its own platform for its new SR Viper model, Yamaha decided to trade its three-cylinder 1049 cc Genesis engine for Arctic Cat’s ProCross chassis. Renamed the SRV by Yamaha, this new chassis will allow the Japanese manufacturer

to design a series of new models in the near future. In fact the new SR Viper comes in five versions: SR Viper (the basic model with a 129-inch track), SR Viper RTX SE (per- formance with a 129-inch track), SR Viper LTX (for comfort with a 137-inch track), SR Viper LTX SE (performance with a 137- inch track), and SR Viper XTX SE (for deep snow, with mountain skis, taller handle bars, and a 141-inch track). Among other noteworthy changes, the fair- ing of the Nytro models is now available in two colours: Yamaha blue or black. This choice allows buyers to decorate their new sleds with the graphics kits of their choice. Moreover, Tuner dual-keel skis are now available on the Apex, Nytro, Vector, and Venture models.

rally speaking you can drive an ATV all year round. With the changing seasons come changing kinds of fun. 4. Miles of terrain to tackle: North America is criss- crossed with ATV trails. 5. An outing for everyone: ATVing can be done alone, with the love of your life, with family, or with friends. 6. A passion to share: ATV enthusiasts are members of clubs and sports associations across the country.

New engines from ARCTIC CAT

Big changes are coming to Arctic Cat’s snowmobile department in 2014. Important developments to take note of include a new ZR performance model baptized “El Tigre”, a new in-house 600-cc engine, and another 1049-cc Yamaha-sourced engine. What’s more, Arctic Cat has unveiled a whole new naming structure for its engines. The engines in the 9000 series are Arctic Cat’s most powerful, followed by the 8000, 7000, 6000, and 5000. In fact, the 9000 C-TEC4 1056-cc engine is the most power- ful in the industry. This intercooled turbo- charged four-stroke twin engine produces 177 horsepower. A close rival is the 794-cc two-stroke twin engine in the 8000 Series, which produces 160 horsepower.

For the 7000 series snowmobiles, Arctic Cat is ushering in the all-new Yamaha-sourced C-TEC4 1049-cc triple, which produces 135 horsepower. Arctic Cat has signed a long-term supply agreement with that manufacturer for its four-stroke engines. The collaboration between these two rival makes started in 2009, when Arctic Cat initially entered into an agreement to purchase the Yamaha 123-cc four-stroke engine for its youth snowmobile, the ZR 120. In return, the Yamaha SRX 120 youth sled would be assembled in Arctic Cat factories. However, the continuation of this collaboration between the two manufacturers will allow Arctic Cat to offer a wider range of models using this new three-cylinder engine.


Another new offering this year is the two-stroke 125-cc 6000 C-TEC2 engine, designed entirely by Arctic Cat engineers. For the time being, this engine is reserved for the new El Tigre model. The new line-up also includes the four-stroke 1056- cc 5000 C-TEC4 engine, which turns out 125 horsepower.

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The new El Tigre model from Arctic Cat.






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