BSSW 16th May 2018 Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

BSSW 16 th May & 10 th October 2018 Exhibitor Terms and Conditions 1.General 1.1 The event organiser, Showcase Events Limited (07672842) is trading as Business Showcase South West 2018 (BSSW). Stand numbering is subject to change. Final stand numbering will be confirmed with Exhibitors approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. Though the numbering may change, your stand position will stay the same. 1.2 You understand that you may have chosen a stand space which does not have a an actual wall behind it and that BSSW recommend that you bring ‘pull-up’ banner stands or, ideally, a standard ‘pop-up’ exhibition stand to make the best of the space. 1.3 Exhibition layout as depicted in the published floor plans and exhibition layout as illustrated at any time on our website may be subject to alteration before the event. 1.4 BSSW retains the right to reject any sponsor or exhibitor or any equipment or stand that it deems inappropriate. 1.5 Any representations by BSSW regarding the event, including but not limited to the number of expected delegates or circulation of promotional material are provided as estimates only and BSSW will have no liability for the same. 1.6 All Exhibitor bookings (including Promotional Options and Sponsorship/Partnership Packages) and delegate tickets are non-transferable and may not be sold or transferred by you. 1.7 Attendees for the keynote speeches are admitted on a first come, first served basis and admission to the event is not guaranteed. We do not guarantee that there will be places at the keynote speeches on the day and all exhibitors and day delegates attend at their own risk of there being insufficient places. 1.8 Exhibitors, sponsors and delegates are prohibited from making audio and visual recordings of the event. Still cameras (non-professional) are permitted but images may only be used for private purposes and not public display with the consent of the owner of the premises where the event is held. Exhibitors/sponsors and delegates consent to film, photographic and sound recordings of the event and for these recordings and photos to be used by BSSW. If we interview you on camera for a testimonial or similar, you release us fully to use the material for promotional and similar purposes. 1.9 Although we will endeavour to adhere to the publicised contents of the events and/or seminars, you accept that at our sole discretion, we have the right to alter elements of the event, including any advertised appearances.

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