New Frontier Immigration Law - September 2020

Gardening, Gold, and Photo Shoots 3 Fun Family Activities for Fall

Meet Elias His Hope Aligns With Yours

Elias Mtanous has worked in immigration law for 12 years, but he just joined the New Frontier team in February 2020 as our office manager. Elias helps us develop systems and establish processes for better workflow, which makes him an integral part of better serving our clients. But when it comes to immigration law, this field is about so much more than workflow for Elias.

It’s fall, which means social media will soon be saturated with pictures of your friends enjoying “classic” fall activities. Photos of leaf peeping, apple picking, and the occasional scarecrow run rampant. But rather than following the herd, you can make your family the trendsetter of unique fall activities! Here are a few outdoor endeavors your family will love. Get gardening. Fall is the time for harvest, but if you want to enjoy flowers in the spring, it’s also a time for planting. The cooler autumn air is easier on plants, but the soil is still warm enough for roots to grow before the ground freezes for winter. Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are all spring bulbs that need to be planted in the fall. Do a little research with your family to determine the best time to start planting in your area. Pan for gold. Here’s one that’s really off the beaten path: Take your family on an adventure panning for gold! Start by planning a road trip out to an old ghost town. Many of them have great tourist attractions that include gold panning. You probably won’t get rich, but it will still be a fun story. If you’re not able to make the trip, you can always create a gold panning operation at home! Visit panning-for-gold-activity for a great step-by-step guide on how to go panning for gold in your own backyard. Plan a fall photo shoot. It’s time to freshen up those family pictures hanging around the house. The changing leaves provide a beautiful background for any family portrait. Better yet, the cooler temperatures mean that an outdoor photo shoot won’t be nearly as uncomfortable as it would be in the summer. You can take your pictures by the trees in the front yard or make a daytrip of it. What about pictures at the corn maze or pumpkin patch? It’s never too soon to start planning this year’s holiday card. Spend this fall outdoors and create great new memories with your family! With our help, we’d love to help you visit your family abroad—and you can hand-deliver this beautiful photo to them! Call us today.

“I’m a first-generation U.S. citizen. Both my parents

are from Mexico, which meant that growing up, I witnessed firsthand just how difficult this journey can be,” Elias says. “Watching my mother and my father work so hard to finally gain citizenship is what made me want to work in immigration law. I made that decision when I was 10 years old and never looked back.” Growing up around many immigrants who were like his parents has left a lasting impact on the work Elias brings to New Frontier’s clients. But the impacts he felt from those around him who ultimately weren’t able to achieve citizenship have struck an even louder chord. “People make so many sacrifices to have a better life in this country. I may not have fully understood all the legalities of everything going on in my small border town in Texas when I was young, but both the bright hope and the crushing despair that sometimes follows it are things I recognized without any explanation,” he says. At just 7 years old, Elias was helping his parents read and interpret their legal documents, and by all working together, they achieved their ultimate goals. “I will never forget the look of pure joy on my father’s face when he got his naturalization certificate,” Elias says. “ That was the moment I realized what immigration attorneys do. And now it’s what I strive to do every day.” New Frontier’s staff has decades of combined experience, and we know how to keep up with immigration laws that change every day. If you want something in this process to stay the same, rest assured you’ll find continuity in our dedication to helping our clients. Contact us so Elias and other members of our team can help you.



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