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the country, just as he always had. But after all that time, he suddenly received notice that he was ineligible to adjust his status, and they were blaming it on his multiple entries and exits. For six months they worked on appealing the denial. For six months they tried everything they could to stay together in the U.S. And after six months, they once again denied his appeals. To make matters worse, the USCIS was now giving him just 30 days to make his last case. After that, they would begin deportation proceedings. They sought help from several attorneys but were turned away every time. Then, just two weeks before their deadline, they came to New Frontier. We took the challenge head-on, and in those two weeks, we were ultimately able to prove the hardships his wife would suffer if he were not in the country with her. He qualified for the waiver and received his green card just a few weeks later. When all seems lost, New Frontier finds a way. We help people fix their immigration status unlike any other law firm. If you’ve been told you have no options, call us. We found an option for this couple, and we can find one for you too.

We see it all too often: Immigrants are denied by other firms because deadlines seem impossible, leaving clients to navigate the process themselves and make inevitable mistakes. This was the case for one couple we recently helped.

Our clients were a husband and wife who have been together since 2015. She was a U.S. citizen and he was not, but he owned a passport that allowed him to legally enter and exit the U.S. When they married in 2017, his wife petitioned for him to obtain legal status and he applied for the adjustment. He was attending community college at

the time, with the dream of one day operating his own business. Their love and the marriage that resulted from it was just one more monumental step in making that dream a reality.

Instead, that’s when the trouble started.

His application was pending for almost an entire year, during which time there were no indicators of what the outcome would be. Throughout that year, he continued to exit and enter



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