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January 2020


Did you know Jan. 13 is MakeYour Dreams Come True Day? This is one of those strange“holidays”that don’t get you the day off work, but it’s still fun to think about! When I first heard about MakeYour Dreams Come True Day, I realized a big dream I have is to someday travel to South America and fish for peacock bass in the Amazon River. I love fishing and peacock bass are some of the most fun fish you can catch. Peacock bass are sports fish, which means they’re very aggressive and will put up a fight. You have to use topwater bait that makes noise to lure them out. Peacock bass have been known to fly out of the water to go after bait. It’s quite a sight to see because they’re very colorful and can get quite large. I’m a lifelong fisherman. Every other year for the past 18 years, a big group of us head up to Canada for a great fishing trip. That’s always a good time. I inheritedmy love of fishing frommy dad andmy grandfather, who were both big fishermen. There’s one story that my dad loved to tell that highlighted exactly howmuchmy grandfather loved fishing. My grandfather was an alfalfa farmer alongside my grandmother, and one year, they decided to go on a big fishing trip planned after the alfalfa was cut and baled. They’d cut the alfalfa and left it on the ground to dry when it rained unexpectedly. The bad weather meant the alfalfa was taking too long to dry. Finally, my grandfather said,“Forget it. We’re going fishing! I don’t care if the alfalfa gets moldy.” This was a pretty big deal. If you don’t bale alfalfa as soon as it dries, you can lose the crop. But my grandfather didn’t care; he was so excited about that fishing trip. I don’t knowwhat happened to the alfalfa, but I do know that my grandfather and grandmother went on their trip and had a great time.

That love for fishing has been passed down through the generations. Fishing is one of my favorite ways to spend the day. I’ll fish in the summer, then break out the space heater and go ice fishing in the winter. It’s a pretty big hobby of mine. When I fish, I practice catch and release. I’m a veterinarian, so I always end up feeling sorry for the fish and want to let them go. But I enjoy the sport. You never knowwhat’s on the other end of the line. It’s fun to fight, reel them in, and then let the fish go so they can swim off and continue to grow. Fishing is the kind of hobby that calls for knowledge, skill, and a little bit of luck. You never knowwhat’s beneath the surface or if you’ll even catch anything that day. There’s a layer of suspense that makes getting a bite so thrilling. If you want to try your hand at ice fishing this month, I recommend investing in an electric fish finder. Those are very important for ice fishing. Of course, if you’d rather wait for summer when the weather warms up, my advice is to plan your fishing trip for the dawn or dusk. No one wants to be out in the heat of the day, not even the fish.

Will I make my dreamof fishing for peacock bass come true this month? Probably not. But it’s still a trip I plan on taking in the future. In the meantime, I have my boat and can enjoy some pretty great fishing here in Iowa.


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