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RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN PROPOSAL In respect of the appointment to the post of Engineering Manager


SECTION 1 - Introduction & Campaign Summary SECTION 2 - Contingent V Retained SECTION 3 - Recruitment Team SECTION 4 - 4 Week Delivery Model SECTION 5 - MRG Recruitment Tools SECTION 6 - Fee & Cost Schedule SECTION 7 - Track Record


This Resourcing Proposal outlines the methodology of our 4 Week Delivery Model, the unique tools MRG use, and cost for the recruitment campaign leading to the successful appointment of a Engineering Manager at Taylor Wimpey.

Campaign Summary To secure the strongest possible selection of candidates for the role we propose to undertake a wide-ranging Search and Selection Campaign, delivered through a comprehensive Headhunt, supported by a targeted Advertising campaign . This will target the whole spectrum of candidates within the talent pool, from those on the market or who are browsing opportunities, to truly passive candidates who are happy in their role, well looked after, and not currently considering a move

Target Markets Exceptional candidates are rarely looking for new roles, and therefore need to be headhunted:- identified, engaged with, and tempted into a career move to your company. The Direct Search element of the campaign will target a very specific pool of candidates identified by specialism, experience and location. The candidate is likely to be in a senior position with a Residential Developer within a 35-mile radius of either the Cannock or Warwick office, ideally they will already be an experienced Manager used to leading a small team. Alternatively, the candidate may currently be outside of the region and seeking a move to the area.


CONTINGENT RECRUITMENT Recruiters Time = Having to work on multiple roles

When should you retain?

ü Is this role important to your business?

• Favours easy to fill roles and ‘quick wins’ • First-past-the-post approach means limited search of job boards, databases and LinkedIn. • Working up to 20 jobs at any one time to give the best chance of hitting turnover target • If role isn’t filled quickly, the recruiter will move on • No time to meet candidates for face to face interviews • Recruiter has no guarantee of filling the role so isn’t committed to the client • No candidate ownership, candidates sent around your competitors

ü Is this role time sensitive?

ü Is getting the right person for the role imperative? ü Do you want to choose from the best candidates in the market, not just those that are on the market? ü Do you want ownership of the candidates you are meeting? ü Do you want to work with a business partner who will work with you until the role is filled?

RETAINED RECRUITMENT Recruiters time = Able to focus on your role

ü Recruiter committed to filling your position as a trusted business partner ü Your commitment means recruiter is able to focus on just your role ü Has the time to carry out deep level research & market mapping ü Considered approaches backed up with professional Candidate Brochure

ü Thorough screening against your requirement ü Face to face interviews of all long listed candidates ü Client ownership of all candidates

Retained Recruitment isn’t just reserved for senior roles with high salaries, it is for important or hard to fill positions.


Recruiters working on a contingent basis have to play the numbers game, they will have 10-20 jobs they are ‘working’ at any one time – because they have to. The candidates you get will be those sitting on their database or job boards, or the ones who respond to a quick surface level search on LinkedIn. They haven’t got the time and the luxury to search deeper, to map out the market and make considered direct approaches. You’ll get a flurry of candidates in the first week, receiving CV’s of all interested candidates regardless of their strength - they won’t be screened and interviewed against your requirement, meaning you have to spend more time reading CV’s and interviewing candidates. Then, after that first week the CV’s dry up as the agencies move on to other roles. If they don’t get a quick win first time around, they will move on to something else, because they have to make fees. That is the commercial reality of contingent recruitment.

Unless you retain somebody you have no ownership of the candidates sent to you. A contingent recruiter will be sending those candidates to your competitors, trying to find other opportunities to place them. They’ve got to, they can’t afford to have all their eggs in one basket. By retaining MRG the candidates are yours and yours alone until you release them, essential in a highly competitive talent market. Contingent recruiters won’t map out the market and make approaches, they wont produce a professional Candidate Brochure selling the opportunity, they won’t meet all long listed candidates face to face, and present you with a candidate pack and selection matrix delivered to you in a face to face short list meeting. They simply haven’t got the time. Only a retained recruitment partner can do all of this to ensure you get to choose from the best candidates in the market.

Retaining MRG ensures a two way commitment, that you’re committed to taking someone on through us, and MRG are committed to filling the role - dedicating our time and effort until the role is filled. Every recruiter has to achieve a monthly fee target. It’s usually around the £10,000 mark. So, if you retain somebody they’ve got the time and ability to dedicate themselves to filling your role. It gives them the ability to advertise and make approaches with full disclosure about the role, because they know you’re committed to working just with them on that position. They can only do that if they’re retained, because they can not risk putting all their resource on to it, only for another recruiter or candidate to hear about thanks to their work, and send in a CV before they get to speak to that candidate.


Nick Frost – Regional Manager Nick is a Regional Manager at MRG and joined the business in 2015. Based in the Manchester office, he heads up MRG’s Northern Region covering the Midlands and the North. He has 18 years recruitment experience, with over 10 years focussed on the residential development sector. He specialises in Board appointments, as well as Directors and Senior Managers across Land, Technical, Commercial, Build, Sales & Marketing disciplines within residential development and construction.

Nick will lead the delivery of the recruitment campaign and will act as the point of contact to Taylor Wimpey. Nick will make all approach calls to target candidates. We do not outsource this stage or delegate this to a junior member of staff. We believe the quality of the approach determines the quality of the long list and that the initial discussions with a candidate are critical.

Nick Frost – Regional Manager North of England Region 0161 638 0936

4 Week Delivery Model

• Face to face meeting with hiring manager • Detailed briefing on the position • Shortlist presentation date arranged • Commitment to dates of 1 st and 2 nd stage interviews • ‘Selection Matrix’ key selection criteria agreed • Advertise roles

Week 1

Meet & Brief

Deliverable at End of Week 3

Candidate Shortlist Presentation Face to face presentation - Detailed information of the 4-5 best candidates in the market, screened and interviewed against your specific requirements, interested and motivated to join your company. Ready for final interview with you

• Market map of passive candidates • Headhunt approaches to engage target individuals • Candidate Brochures sent to interested, relevant individuals • Face to face interviews of all longlisted candidates

Week 1-4

Research & Engage

Deliverable at End of Week 5

• Final client interviews • Candidate Offer - feedback, mediation & negotiation • Counter-offer management programme ü Weekly contact calls ü Multiple client/candidate follow up meetings ü Multiple MRG/candidate follow up meetings

Preferred Candidate Offered & Accepted

Week 5+

Deliverable at End of Notice Period Successful on-boarding of your preferred candidate



Our digital candidate information packs are an industry leading product we offer our clients. Click on the images to view the Candidate Brochures Rather than sending bulky pdf’s or email attachments, our packs are hosted online and can be viewed and opened anywhere, instantly, on any device. We work with your branding to provide professional documents, with custom design they are more of a website than a file. They set your role apart from the competition, instantly add weight, credibility, and gravitas to any approach or application, helping us to fully engage with candidates. You also have the flexibility that you can share it in any way you want: send by email, embed it to your website and post to social media. Our interactive packs are viewed with a smooth page flip effect, comfortable in-document navigation and customisable design. All of these features work without the need for any special software.


We will work with Taylor Wimpey to design the 5 Key Criteria to be used for Longlisting and Shortlisting Selection, with each criteria given a weighting based on its perceived importance. These criteria will form the basis of our interview questions and we then score the candidates to construct our Selection Matrix. The matrix is an effective tool for both Longlists and Shortlists using a simple 3D vetting and grading system. The Selection Matrix ensures that selection is both robust and auditable, and provides you with a tool to compare and contrast candidate’s skills, measuring those skills not only against the experience criteria, but against the skills and experience of other candidates on the Long or Shortlist.








Multi Site Experience High Performance Culture Formulate Build Strategy

Metrics & KPIs


Experience of creating a high performance, customer-centric site

Continuously audit and evaluate site construction team performance across all key areas, KPI’s and other metrics and take appropriate action .

Proven ability to formulate area build

Influence and manage key decision makers to resolve issues affecting the area’s key-stage build programme

Proven multi-site project management and quality assurance effectiveness with a Residential Developer

strategies and critical path programs and timetables and procurement and sub-contractor solutions

construction team culture, leading by

example and proactively coaching site managers

Scoring Mechanism


Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Candidate 3 Candidate 4 Candidate 5

5 5


5 5 4


4.5 4.5

96.50% 92.25% 91.50% 87.75% 90.25%

5 4 3 2 1

Strong match Good match

4 5



5 5 4

4 4 4


4 5

4.5 4.5

4.5 4.5

Some match Poor match

Example Matrix - Area Construction Manager Role


Included in the cost, we would carry out Job Analysis questionnaire, where you as the employer would fill out an assessment along similar lines to the applicants so we would pinpoint the qualities and experience which you desire, and just as importantly, those that don’t. From this we produce the ideal candidate profile for the specific role which you are recruiting. Then, utilising specialist software, our trained and licensed assessor compares the individual candidate profiles against the ideal and provides insight and analysis which you can then utilise during interviews. We would carry out the PPA assessments after the shortlisting and before your face to face interviews, keeping costs to a minimum. The cost is £250 per assessment.

We utilise Thomas International for all our psychometric and Intelligence profiling. Thomas international are the global champions of the people assessment and the development industry, having been at the forefront of assessment innovation for over 30 years. We can offer the full range of assessments, however we usually recommend the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) which is a psychometric assessment to better understand the candidates working behaviours, their strengths, limitations, communication & leadership style.

Useful links:- Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) PPA Profile Sample


In the event that you want to consider the use of further advertising media including print options we can consult and arrange this (normally with cost reductions of up to 50% from the rate card). This would be discussed and agreed at the recruitment briefing meeting. Optional (at additional cost);

We will act as the point of contact for response handling and feedback to applicants with respect to all adverts posted. We believe that the best value for money comes from online campaigns and via our database and LinkedIn groups and networks. These connections have been developed over the last 10 years and include some of the leading candidates in the market.

Online Media Campaign


MRG People

Included in campaign fee Included in campaign fee


Total jobs

Included in campaign fee

CV Library

Included in campaign fee

ü Estates Gazette ü Telegraph Jobs ü CIOB ü Building4Jobs


COSTS Advertising Costs As per recommended schedule in this document however options to be discussed and confirmed at briefing meeting. Payment Terms Stage 1 & 2 Fees are payable 14 days from date of commission of assignment. Stage 3 Fees are payable 14 days after commencement of employment. All other terms as per MRG Standard Terms of Business

Recruitment Campaign Fee The recruitment campaign fee has been calculated at 20% of the anticipated salary level and is fixed at this level, thus giving you the certainty of a fixed recruitment campaign fee regardless of salary level offered. We have anticipated a salary level of £60,000 and have therefore calculated the fixed fee based on this. Our methodology is to manage the campaign as Taylor Wimpey’ retained advisor on an exclusive basis. Our charging structure is 1/3rd of fee upon commission of the campaign and the final 2/3rds payable upon start date of the successful appointee.

Taylor Wimpey


Engineering Manager



STAGE 1 - Candidate Identification

Research, Identification, Approaches (Direct Search):

Stage 1 Total


STAGE 2 - Candidate Screening & Shortlist Presentation

Stage 2 Total


STAGE 3 - Candidate Placement On commencement of employment:

Stage 3 Total


Proposal Acceptance To confirm your acceptance of this proposal, please sign below and return a copy to us: a scanned copy by email is sufficient. Signed for and on behalf of Taylor Wimpey ....………………………………………………………………… Date ....………………………………………………………...........



Fees are subject to VAT.


Contracts Director & 2 x Senior Quantity Surveyors The Style Group, based in Jersey, retained MRG to fill these critical positions that were key to the company’s flag ship development, a £35 million multi-phase social housing scheme. Due to the relocation required for these roles, the Searches focussed on advertising to attract suitable candidates. All roles have now been successfully filled, with one candidate in position and two further candidates in the process of relocating to the island.

Technical Director Berkeley Group businesses have a very dynamic model and the group creates new revenue through businesses offering a slightly different residential product, they currently have 20 separate limited companies. MRG were appointed to identify a Head of Technical who would step up into a Technical Director’s role upon the creation of a planned new business venture. The search was highly confidential as it was a sensitive appointment. We met over 40 candidates without disclosing the identity of the business; the shortlisted candidates were required to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement prior to being briefed on confidential elements of the business plan. Total Package £120,000 inclusive.

Regional Construction Director Weston Homes are re-structuring into four no. operating units. Each unit will stand as an independent business are report to the Managing Director. MRG were retained to appoint a Regional Construction Director for the North Home Counties, identifying a candidate with board experience and a mix of both volume speculative development and general contracting employment. The preferred candidate has been selected from a long list of 8 candidates and starts in June. Total package in excess of £125,000 plus benefits plus bonus


Associate Director Planning Following the restructure of the company’s northern operations, Countryside Properties retained MRG to find the individual to head up the Planning function for their Merseyside and Cheshire West region. We carried out a full market mapping of Senior Planners in the North West, backed up by a high-profile advertising campaign across industry web publications and social media. We then approached and engaged with the targeted individuals, screening and interviewing to distil down to a strong shortlist of candidates. After client interviews, the preferred candidate was offered and successfully onboarded by MRG.

Partner – Head of Strategic Land Property & Planning consultancy, Rapleys, retained MRG to search for their new Head of Strategic Land. This was a new position for them was a challenging role to fill for a number of reasons. Firstly they are not known for their strategic element, secondly there were some fairly aggressive counter offers in a highly competitive market sector. After an extensive headhunt and advertised campaign, MRG successfully filled the position.

Regional Director – Strategic Land A leading business in strategic land promotion, Richborough Estates retained MRG to appoint a new Regional Director. MRG carried out a nationwide headhunt search supported by a fully branded advertising campaign. Richborough Estates interviewed all 6 candidates on the initial shortlist and took 3 through to final interview, ultimately appointing the successful candidate who they felt most closely matched their culture


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