Doing the small things well Although Tyron’s culinary journey had its roots in his childhood, his boerewors journey only began about two years ago when he entered the Shoprite and Checkers Boerewors Competition on a whim. “I didn’t really read the rules and regulations,” he chuckles, stating that he had entered right on the closing date. Needless to say, he didn’t get far in that year’s competition. This year, however, he did his homework properly, entering the competition with purpose. His research showed that boerewors is a regulated product with little room for creative flare when it comes to ingredients. “You can’t just add any ingredient and still call it boerewors,” Tyron explains. Because boerewors is so integral to South African culture, he knew he had to give an original recipe a try. So, he used the knowledge and expertise he gained as a professional chef to bring out the best in the boerewors. For example, Tyron dries his own thyme on top of a roof, consistently monitoring the herbs to get the best flavours out of them. He owes this to a simple principle upon which he founded his business: doing the small things well.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tyron was sadly retrenched and wanted to give up on the hospitality industry. However, the passion for food literally burned inside of him, keeping him grounded and spurring him on to start his own business. His company, Kumin & Khords, is a food solutions business that combines Tyron’s two passions: cooking and music. It offers holistic food services, from private cheffing to catering for large functions – combined with a music offering that provides an end-to-end experience. Local stays lekker! When asked why five of this year’s Shoprite and Checkers Boerewors Competition finalists come from the Drakenstein area, Tyron is confident: “We have everything we need right here! From the freshest local fruit and veg to the highest quality meats, Drakenstein is a chef’s dream.” Our very own Boerewors King is a passionate man who believes in doing the small things well. This captures the essence of the Drakenstein spirit: dedicated individuals who work together to build a better community.

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Meet our very own Shoprite and Checkers Boerewors Champion, Tyron Adams from Wellington. In this video, he shares where his love for food comes from (he was often scolded by his gran for using up all her ingredients!) and how this passion earned him this grand title. No less than five of the top 10 finalists were from Wellington. Press play for more.

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