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Have you heard of metabolic conditioning? If not, you should consider it. Metabolic conditioning is based on specific vigorous exercises that target both immediate and intermediate pathways of energy within the body. For example, some of the programs that have fueled the creation of metabolic conditioning include classics such as CrossFit, Insanity, and P90X. If you are interested in trying metabolic conditioning and learning more about the benefits it can have on your body, continue reading and/or contact Rebound Physical Therapy today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. THE BASICS OF METABOLIC CONDITIONING There is a lot that goes into metabolic conditioning but there are a few key fundamentals to keep in mind. For starters, in a metabolic conditioning exercise program, much of your progress is based upon the intensity of the exercises and the time spent doing them, rather than the exercises themselves. GET THE RESULTS YOU DESERVE WITH METABOLIC CONDITIONING

In a metabolic conditioning program, there are a lot of moving parts. Your physical therapist can help you discover the best types of exercises for your specific goals and can help set up a personalized plan for helping you achieve them. It is likely that certain exercise concepts from CrossFit, Insanity, and/or P90X will be added in your treatment program and you can discuss with your physical therapist which types of these intense exercises you prefer. That is the beauty of a metabolic training program – it can be tailored for each specific person! HOW WILL I BENEFIT FROM A METABOLIC TRAINING PROGRAM? There are several pros to adopting a metabolic conditioning exercise regimen. Just a few of these include: • Less gym time. Would you like to actually spend less time at the gym while still achieving the same results? Metabolic conditioning can help you do just that! The intensity of the exercises performed in a short time frame allows you to cut your gym time down while still getting the results you are looking for. • Improved metabolism. Metabolic conditioning is a great way to tone your body and build muscle. As muscle burns more calories than fat does, adopting a workout routine such as this one can actually improve your metabolism. • More calories burned. Since these exercises are meant to be performed at moderate to high levels of intensity, your body is able to burn more calories quickly. Your heart rate is higher when performing these exercises as opposed to endurance exercises, meaning you burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

Healthline explains this concept best by stating:

A metabolic conditioning program should contain moderate-intensity activity, high-intensity activity, or both. Given these requirements, there are a wide variety of different exercises that can be used for a metcon program. These may include:

• upper-body exercises • lower-body exercises • full-body exercises • cardio exercises

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