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(And Why MyWife’s Parents Hated Me For It)

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a bit of a prankster. I love to laugh, and making other people laugh (or jump) always makes me chuckle. Because of that, I’ve been looking forward to April Fools’ Day pretty much since January! I’ve also been reminiscing on April Fools’ Days past and got inspired to share my favorite prank of all time with you. My wife Jen isn’t as into pranks as I am, which makes the fact that she was in on my best one ever feel even more special. To set the scene, this happened back in 2011 when Jen and I had been dating for about two years. We weren’t anywhere near getting married, but Jen’s parents were already throwing out all kinds of hints about

“While I was planning the trip, I realized we were going to be in Savannah over April Fools’ Day, and I had a crazy idea: Why not fake propose to Jen and prank her and literally everyone we knew?”

We thought it was hilarious and decided to wait a few hours before making another post explaining the joke. When we did, everyone was upset — especially Jen’s parents! Somehow we didn’t expect people to be legitimately mad about the joke, but, oh boy, they really were. In the end though, the whole thing worked out in our favor because the prank took the pressure off of our relationship. People stopped bugging us about getting married, so we got to date for another 2 1/2 years before getting engaged without suffering through pointed comments. In hindsight, I am glad Jen caught me before I went through with my initial plan — I’m not so sure a fake proposal would have ended well! These days, I still try to prank Jen when April Fools’ Day rolls around, but I’m never successful — either I suck at pranks now, or she’s just too smart for me. She never tries to get me back, but I’m sure if she did, I’d fall for it hook, line, and sinker. If you’ve ever pulled an epic April Fools’ prank, or had one pulled on you, I’d love to hear about it! Hopefully, you don’t end up faced with an employment problem or recovering from a car wreck, but if the worst happens and you wind up in my office, don’t hesitate to fill me in on your best joke while you’re here — I’m always looking for the next great idea.

engagement. Around that time, we’d planned a trip to Savannah, Georgia, and a couple people had mentioned that might be a good time to get engaged, with all of the theatrical winking and nudging you’d imagine. While I was planning the trip, I realized we were going to be in Savannah over April Fools’ Day, and I had a crazy idea: Why not fake propose to Jen and prank her and literally everyone we knew? I had it all planned out, but before I did it, Jen somehow picked up on my plan. Instead of being mad when I came clean, she decided to join in on the fun. We ended up walking through a market in Savannah and picking out a fake ring. Jen took a picture of herself wearing the flashy “engagement ring” and sent it to everyone in her family in a big group text. She even posted the photo on Facebook, too, with a caption like, “Just got engaged! Can’t wait for the wedding!” Absolutely no one picked up on the fact that it was April Fools’ Day, and congratulations started pouring in. Tons of people commented, “It’s about time!” on the post, and Jen’s parents were thrilled.

–Michael Harman


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