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Feeling the Luck of the Irish? Check Out America’s Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

As we inch closer to the beginning of spring, nature around us is coming back to life. Soon, the grass and trees will return to their typical green hue if they haven’t already. Luckily, you don’t need to wait until April to see an abundance of green again. On March 17, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and people across the country will dress in green to honor the occasion, and as you can imagine, it’s one of my favorite holidays. Certain cities in the U.S. go big for St. Patrick’s Day. If you’ve never attended a St. Patrick’s Day parade or celebration, maybe this is the year. Below you’ll find a few cities with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations worth checking out. CHICAGO, IL Nobody does St. Patrick’s Day quite like Chicago, Illinois. The entire city gets a makeover! This year, on March 11, Chicago 4 • KEVINPATRICK.LAW I 404.566.5880

will host its St. Patrick’s Day parade, which includes dyeing the Chicago River a beautiful shade of emerald green. They’ll start tinting the river around 9 a.m., and the color will fade within six hours,

potatoes, so keep your head on a swivel. You can also head to the Irish Channel neighborhood on March 11 to attend an all-day block party. Plenty of green beer will be available at this event, so come ready to celebrate!

so make sure you get there early! Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is also one of the biggest in the country. You’ll see floats, Irish step dancers, and much more.

NEW LONDON, WI Let’s say you want to do something slightly toned down but still

exciting for St. Patrick’s Day. Then, you’ll want to check out New London, Wisconsin, for one of the country’s most unique St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. Leprechauns will change the city signs from New London to New Dublin. The city also puts on an Irish funeral parody in its annual downtown parade.

NEW ORLEANS, LA Once Mardi Gras concludes, all eyes are on St. Patrick’s Day in

New Orleans, Louisiana. The city hosts a parade on March

11, and it’s always quite a spectacle. You’ll see the makings of Irish tradition everywhere, including cabbage, onions, and

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