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Why Your Business Goals Won’t Work

At the end of the year, entrepreneurs sit down to develop their goals for the new year. They craft specific objectives based on best practices they learned from other leaders, implementing S.M.A.R.T. goals or strategic plans to give their company a clear path to success. But every year, perfectly crafted benchmarks fall by the wayside and join weight loss on the scrap heap of New Year’s resolutions. Owners scratch their heads wondering why they didn’t reach their target, not understanding the root cause of their failure. You can have the most carefully planned-out goals, but if you haven’t built a foundation on these three concepts, you’ll never achieve them.


employee, so without teaching basic principles of time management and prioritization, those systems are limited in their capacity and effectiveness.

Nothing derails a goal faster than ineffective systems and processes. Procedures aren’t dynamic, so as your business changes, an audit of processes isn’t just useful; it’s necessary. But as your business must continue to improve its organization in order to adapt to change, so do your team members. At the root of every system is an


Negative external and internal relations are surefire goal-killers. Internally, the success of your company is dependent on the dynamics

Why This Experienced Orthodontist Chose Ortho Technology

company and gave away many free samples in conjunction with competitive pricing. I also briefly used Rocky Mountain “old ironside” orthodontic bands to prevent stretching by the less experienced orthodontic assistants. American Orthodontics became my exclusive brand for a few years because of competitive pricing as well as a personal friendship with the outside sales representative. Why did you decide to switch to Ortho Technology as your primary vendor? I found Ortho Technology to be a premier product second to none.

concept of “If you pay more, you will receive a superior product” definitely does not apply here. Ortho Technology products are second to none in quality and have favorable product pricing for brackets, bands, and peripherals. If you want to pay more for a highly marketed “designer” orthodontic product, that is your business. However, if you want to pay less for one of the highest quality orthodontic products available in the orthodontic industry, that is Ortho Technology’s business. What is your favorite product and why? Ortho Technology bands are state-of-the-art with respect to individual tooth adaptability as well as resistance to being “stretched” or deformed by less seasoned assistants. Also, my direct bond failure for mandibular second premolars is unbelievably low with Ortho Technology metal brackets.

Recently, orthodontist and longtime Ortho Technology

customer Dr. Michael Rowe sat down with us to talk about his 37 years of experience in the industry and how this informs his choice of products. Here’s what Dr. Rowe had to say about bracket selection. What were some of the orthodontic brackets you used when you first started? After completing my orthodontic residency at the Medical College of Virginia, I was 100 percent Unitek, as it was my comfort zone. Next, I became an ORMCO “Elite” orthodontist due to the false impression that if you pay higher prices for products, you will obviously have less bracket failure, resulting in shorter treatment durations. GAC followed; at the time, they were a new international

What would you like to share with doctors around the world about Ortho

Technology and their products? I’ve used most major orthodontic

manufacturers over the past 34 years in private practice, but I now have extremely predictable results and even better support with Ortho Technology products. The

Thanks Dr. Rowe!

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