WSD Strategic Plan 2023-29.indd

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DEVELOPING THE STRATEGIC PLAN The development and the foundation of the 2023-29 strategic plan began with an in-depth study and presentation of the FIVE Westminster School District Focus Areas. The process provided a vehicle for meaningful community engagement and focused on student success.

FIVE FOCUS AREAS 1 2 3 4 5 Academic Achievement & Continuous Innovation Leadership Development & Employee Success

1 PROCESS DEVELOPMENT Determine: • key components for the overall process • key leadership team members • community members • timeline • gather data STEP

EDUCATING & INPUT GATHERING Meet with community members to: • analyze current state of five focus areas • define elements of strategic visioning • gather community input for Vision, Mission, & Core Values 2 STEP



IMPLEMENTATION OF STRATEGIC VISION Make the District's vision stick by making it: • teachable • visible • marketable • personal • measurable 4 STEP

THE WRITING PROCESS Prepare the written document to include: • Vision & Mission • Core Values • Five Focus Areas • objectives for each focus area • review/revise • present to the

Student and Staff Safety & Wellness Fiscal Solvency

& Organizational Health

Community Connections

Board of Trustees

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