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Is it too cold to spend time outside? Nonsense! While we wait for spring, there’s no better way to get some fresh air than around a warm fire with friends and family. Whether you build a bonfire or purchase an outdoor firepit, a cozy fire is great fun day or night, and you can do plenty of activities to keep you busy. Get started with some campfire classics — roasting marshmallows and cooking hot dogs! Placing food on a skewer and holding it over a fire is a fun activity for everyone, and kids will love the opportunity to prepare their own “meal” — with proper adult supervision, of course. Campfire grill racks will help you make slightly fancier food options. Get Outside Without the Cold WARM UP WITH AN OUTDOOR FIRE

One of the best fire pastimes is taking the time to chat. Invite over folks you haven’t seen in a while and catch up! A fire is also an opportunity to put the phone away and connect on a deeper level. Consider bringing some interesting prompts along, like “What is your favorite childhood memory?” or “What was your worst vacation experience?” They’ll get everyone talking and forgetting all about the cold. Your fire is also the perfect opportunity to tell scary stories. Get a flashlight, head out at night, and do your best to frighten each other! (If you’ve got kids around, make sure the stories are age-appropriate.) Everyone can make up their own stories, retell tales they heard long ago, or do some research online beforehand. Find out who is the best storyteller — and the biggest scaredy-cat. Many typical “indoor” activities can also be brought outside. For example, get out some cards or a board game. Music will also liven up the atmosphere. You can even start a dance party if you keep a safe distance from the flames. Those looking for solo time can also read a book, sketch, or journal. No matter what activity you choose, an outdoor fire will allow you to enjoy the fresh air and get some vitamin D (if during the daytime) without excessive shivering. It might even turn into a favorite cold-weather activity. 4

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