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DIGITALPRINTINK.NET 40 YEARS AND COUNTING BUILDING TRADITIONS C itizens across the globe will gather on Dec. 25, 2019, to celebrate the birth of Christ and rejoice in the blessings of their families and friends. To honor this holiday, I wanted to share a few little- known facts about the origin of Christmas, the traditions we have today, and a few modern takes on a historic holiday. WHY DEC. 25? NO ‘HO-HO’ The American Revolution was a tense time for Americans. As a result, Christmas was seen by the American Revolutionaries as an English holiday, and its celebrations were banned from Colonial America. Even after winning the war, the U.S. government remained staunchly


Celebrate the Holidays With These Christmas Facts

Merry Christmas 2019

opposed to the seemingly British holiday. Congress’ first session even began on Christmas Day in 1789! It would take nearly 100 years for the country to federally recognize Christmas as a holiday, making American holiday traditions relatively new.

Christmas is known as the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but the Bible does not say which day Jesus was born, leaving historians and theologists to guess. Some point to the shepherds working with their flocks as a sign that it was warm and therefore not winter in Bethlehem when he was born. Others believe this theory is a farce and does not account for the relatively mild winters in the Middle East. Regardless, many historians believe Dec. 25 was chosen to celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a compromise between the Roman government and their pagan citizens. The date coincides with the festivals of Saturn and Mithra — Roman and pagan gods respectively — during which gift-giving and joyous celebrations would take place. The idea is that this made the transition to Christianity as the official religion in Rome more palatable for pagans. In addition, theologists believe the proximity of the winter solstice to Dec. 25 has a metaphorical significance, as the days to Easter get longer and brighter, signifying the light Christ brings to the world. Regardless of how it came to be, I like to think Jesus wouldn’t mind when we celebrate his birthday. He’s just happy to have arguably the world’s best birthday party with the people he loves.


Santa Claus wasn’t even the original mysterious gift-giver. That title belongs to the man who inspired Santa’s career: Saint Nicholas. Nicholas served as a bishop during the third and fourth centuries. He was the son of wealthy parents

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who died when he was still young. Honoring the lessons he learned from his Christian teachings, Nicholas gave all of his inheritance money to poor citizens and dedicated his life to serving others and God. In one such story of his servitude, Nicholas is credited with leaving bags of gold coins in three girls’ pairs of shoes that were drying

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