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EAT LESS MEAT WITHOUT GOING MEATLESS 3 Celebrity Chefs Prove It’s Possible and Delicious America is the land of the free and home of one of the world’s highest per capita meat-consuming cultures. While veganism and plant-based diets seem to be trending among celebrities from Beyonce to Bill Clinton, most Americans are not ready to relinquish their burgers and bacon entirely. A recent Gallup poll found that the percentage of Americans who identify as vegetarian or vegan has barely shifted in the last 20 years, holding steady at 5% and 3%, respectively. But two trends are starting to converge, making flexitarian diets — ones with plant-based and meatless meals — more appealing: The concern over high carbon emissions tied to meat production and the increased availability of plant-based meatless but meat-like options. Add that to the evidence of the negative health effects of consuming too much red meat, and shifting to a flexitarian diet starts to make a lot of sense. Who better to lead this shift in American eating habits than well-known chefs? These three celebrity chefs are proving that eating less meat doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavor.

Gordon Ramsay Ramsay has made jabs at the animal rights organization PETA and other characteristically brash comments against vegetarianism in the past, but after judging on Vegan Celebrity MasterChef in 2018, Ramsay says he lost weight by eating five small flexitarian meals a day. He’s also started experimenting with plant-centric dishes like beet wellington, subbing the earthy root vegetable for traditional red meat. Jamie Oliver It’ll come as less of a surprise that Oliver has gone flexitarian and started incorporating more meatless meals into his diet. Oliver’s 2010 show “Food Revolution” took a peek behind American school lunches and sought to bring healthier fare to kids around the country. Oliver has since released a meat-free cookbook and says eating less meat has improved his sleep and is better for the planet. Martha Stewart Known for her cooking as well as her crafting, Stewart has been championing plant-based meals since 2013 when her vegetarian cookbook “Meatless” was published. Last year, she joined forces with the innovative plant-based meat substitute company Beyond Meat to help launch their new breakfast sausage line.


Is There Still Time for ‘Bikini Season’ Augmentation?

We’re blessed here in Texas to have a long, hot summer. Although it may not feel like much of a blessing at 3 p.m. on any given afternoon in July, it’s something to really appreciate when we consider procedures designed to make our patients look as good in a bikini as they feel after the heat breaks in the early summer evening. The fact is, it takes some time to recover from many procedures. Whether you’re looking at breast augmentation or implants, which takes a week or two before you’re ready to strut your stuff, or the 4–6-week “settling period” with body contouring, it’s a necessary period of healing that allows your body to finish the job we do in the clinic. Up north, if you don’t get these things taken care of by the end of May, you’re not going to get the most out of the season before it ends in September. Fortunately, down here the “season” lasts close to six months — and that’s being conservative. There’s plenty of time to enjoy your bikini body,

even if you go in for a procedure in July or early August. Of course, the sooner the better; summer can always be a month shorter or longer than in the past, and after all, why wait? Whether you’re ready to rock a two-piece or just need a day off in our medical spa, our clinic is here to serve you. We approach every situation with patient health and happiness as our No. 1 goal, and we know better than anyone that a varied approach is the only way to serve a varied clientele. When you need something for you , it’s time to call us .

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