Crest Ink - Volume 30 - Number 02

RedZone One Year Anniversary by Sue Osborne, Production Manager

It’s hard to believe that just 1 year ago we were kicking off “GO LIVE” week with RedZone coach Eric Jorgun. The west plant meetings were so packed with people we were sitting on the floor and holding the projector on our lap but that did not hold us back! We were now armed with I-Pads and ready to chat! It is difficult to remember what our lives were like pre- RedZone. We now have live production information in our faces at all times as we all carry around our I-Pads. Line operators can reach out and have direct contact with resources to address issues immediately. They can put an action into the Forum or just send out a chat and get their voices heard.

Jared Stumpenhorst, Dean Rhodes, Karen Yardley, Roman Kozak, Dennis Horton, Matthias Kemmeren, Becca Dodd, Jen Lally, Brandon Tate, Tyler Ewens and Ben Fichter at the Changeover Kaizen

Here are just a few of our line operator’s thoughts:

“RedZone allows us to build in data sheets that remind us to perform specific tasks”. In this example, Irene Garza (Production A) has been triggered to conduct her tool audit. She says that having the tools in the same spot on all of the lines and having a shadow board has reduced the number of missing tools. She also believes the verifi- cation process through RedZone has added accountability. Abby Lahman (Production A) is busy logging her downtime. She likes the fact that she does not need to use the grease board to write down every issues but can select a downtime code from the table. She says it has made her more competitive with her self in areas like changing her web since it accurately measures just how much time she is down. She takes it as a challenge to do it as fast as she can and improve the next time. She also likes being able to communicate with her supervisor and mainte- nance. “Pouch and carton code errors have been an issue at Crest Foods for years. Through the use of a data sheet, RedZone “triggers” us to take a photo and send it off for review”. Sara Snow (Production B) is taking a photo of her pouch and carton codes compared to the fabrication sheet. Sara believes that she takes more precautions and is more detailed with the photo approach rather than just signing her initials to a piece of paper.

We have held three Kaizen events to take a deep dive look at three different down time issues: web failures on bartelts, changeover efficiencies and code errors. All three events had multiple department representation that were highly engaged and energized. We are still working on ways to complete the actions generated from these events. The past year has been a learning experience for all involved and we look forward to the improvement we might make in the next year.

4 Crest Ink April, May & June 2018

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