Crest Ink - Volume 30 - Number 02

Welcome to the Emergency Response Team by Karen Yardley, Safety & Sanitation Manager We’d like to welcome two new First Responders to our Emergency Response Team – April Cover and Tara Lifka. Both are C Shift Production employees at the West Facility. They fill a much needed role as support for C Shift Production out west, while Ben Nelson will continue to support employees on C Shift at the Main Plant. Tara and April completed the required certification course in December of this past year. The course consists of about 50 hours of classroom training including a final practical and written exam. We asked Tara and April a couple of ques- tions about becoming First Responders and here are their responses:

What prompted you to volunteer? Since Tara is working toward becoming an RN, she already had a basic knowledge of first aid and thought she could apply it here at Crest. Tara would like to become an ER or surgical nurse and is attending Nursing School at Sauk. She has 5 more nursing classes to complete. What did you like most/least about the course? Tara liked the fact that the instructor shared real life experiences and calls he had been on or situations he had been involved in. Was the course easier or harder than you expected? The course was pretty easy since she’s already had so much training. She still didn’t like taking the test! What prompted you to volunteer? April volunteered because she deals with a lot of medical conditions at home with her own family and doesn’t like to see people ill or injured. What did you like most/least about the course? April also liked listening to the instruc- tor’s stories and liked the quizzes the least. (April tends to panic at quiz time!) Was the course easier or harder than you expected? April said the course presented a lot of basic knowledge, with a lot being the key word. They cover everything from the moral, ethical and legal aspects of First Responder care all the way through to childbirth.

Tara Lifka

April Cover

When we asked if being a First Responder makes you think about your job and working safely any differently, both ladies answered “Yes!” April is much more conscious of employees sticking their hands into places they don’t be long and Tara is hoping she doesn’t have to respond to any serious injuries! Thank you to April and Tara for vol- unteering and to all of our First Responders and EMTs for being there to support their fellow employees when needed!

Congratulations Holly Gleissner We are happy to announce the promotion of Holly Gleissner to Consumer Products Project & Tech Manager. Holly joined Crest in 2012 in the Consumer Products lab, where she for- mulates and leads development of various projects. Holly will continue her excellent devel- opment work. She will also now supervise three lab technicians in their daily activities. Holly’s past experience in supervisory roles, calm demeanor and pleasant personality are among many qualities that make her a great candidate for this position. We are excited and join Holly in celebrating her new role and growth opportunity.

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