The Experience Magazine 50th Year Edition

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1970 Paul Brownbeck becomes Executive Dean of Word of Life Bible Institute

“In order to know the will of God, you must first know the Word of God.”

1969 Harry Bollback

becomes Co-Director of Word of Life Fellowship

1940 Jack Wyrtzen becomes Director of Word of Life Fellowship

– Jack Wyrtzen

When Word of Life Bible Institute opened in September 1970, no one could have foreseen the incredible impact this tiny school in the Adirondacks would have on the world.

That first year, Jack and Harry were expecting 50 students – instead, 73 arrived! Since that first incredible surprise, the Lord has continued to exceed our expectations at WOLBI.

During those formative years, a precedent of excellence was set. Students attended the Bible Institute to learn a profound working knowledge of the Word of God, how to live a disciplined life, and how to influence others’ lives for the Lord. This curriculum included rigorous classes, campus service

assignments, a variety of ministries students were expected to participate in, and high standards of cleanliness and dress. All these things were implemented to foster growth in young Christians as they left the Bible Institute and became Christian leaders around the world.


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