The Experience Magazine 50th Year Edition

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I loved being a member of the WOLBI Choir and getting to travel. It was amazing to participate when Don Wyrtzen directed the Choir in a performance of his

Jack’s quote, “Never look at someone for what they are – but for what they can be when Christ gets ahold of their life,” has stuck with me throughout my life. Randy Tate ’73

musical, “The Good Life.” Cynthia (Channon ’72) Rydelnik

Despite setbacks, such as the loss of the kitchen, dining hall, and dorm over the kitchen (all empty) due to a gas explosion during the third year of operations, staff and students at WOLBI continued to trust the Lord and seek new ways to serve Him – and God richly blessed their faith. Activities and ministries those first few years included Snowcamp and summer camps, a chorale, basketball team, yearbook team, the implementation of Bible Clubs, weekend ministries, student council, and more.

In 1974, the “World Famous Word of Life Collegians” were born, inspiring a legacy of musical ministry that has continued throughout the last 50 years.

Did You Know? When the Bible Institute began, dinners were served family-style, and church dress was required!

Fire destroyed the kitchen, dining hall, and dorm over the kitchen


The Experience

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