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1H0 or by Paypal at


Le Nichoir

Wylie, who joined Le Nichoir eight


years ago, is the only qualified song bird

Last April, Le Nichoir’s Benefit Dinner and

Raisin Region and South Nation

rehabilitator in the province and is the

Auction “For the Birds” raised more than

Conservation Authorities are partnering

youngest board member of the

$24,000 which will help cover some of the

with the Provincial government to deliver

drive soars

International Wildlife Rehabilitation

operational costs such as food, medicine and

over $300,000 ingrants to fundprojects that


the hiring of students.

protectmunicipal drinkingwater. Projects

Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabilitation

“The great generosity of the community,

include: septic system repairs or

Centre isaCanadianregisterednon-profit

participants and itemdonorswas tremendous

replacements, well upgrades or



again this year. The Centre is very grateful

decommissioning, erosion protection, and

Founded in 1994, the Centre has cared

again to those who continue to make such a

agricultural best management practices.

for thousandsof injuredor orphanedwild

positive impact on Le Nichoir and its

Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabilitation

“Certain projects are funded at up to 80%

birds, hundredsofducklingsandreturned

conservation efforts,” adds Wylie.


of the total cost, so it’s a really great time to

them to their natural habitat.

Mark your calendars: Le Nichoir’s Open

its new conservation centre campaign.


Le Nichoir hires students for the

House will be held Saturday, July 16.

“Fund-raising is going well, and Le

gets the benefit of a significant cost savings,

summer to provide daily and necessary

Wildcard will be held on November 19, for

Nichoir is very grateful for the public’s

andour sourcesofmunicipaldrinkingwater

care and volunteers are at the heart of

the benefit of Le Nichoir’s new Wild Bird


are better protected,” said Stewardship

daily activities.

Conservation Centre Project.

in the community and region,” says centre

Program Project Lead, Ronda Boutz.

Le Nichoir has become an educational

For more information, contact SusanWylie

Executive Director Susan Wylie.

Approved projects must be completed

resource well known for its expertise and

at (450) 458-2809 or

The Centre cared for more than 1 400

and paperwork submitted by December 1,

is the largest rehabilitation centre for

To make a donation, send contributions to

injured or orphaned wild birds and many

2012. Program information is available at

songbirds in Canada.

Le Nichoir: 637 Main Road, Hudson QC J0P

ducklings brought by the public last year

La fin des classes, on fête en grand chez Kia Grenville

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Nous avons dépêcher plu- sieurs cadeaux pour récompenser nos clients!

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