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• Cost Effective • Non-invasive • Safe & Natural • State-of-the-art Facility Features of Physical Therapy: DO YOU HAVE BACK PAIN? An insurancedeductible istheamountofmoneythatyoumustpaybeforeyour insurance company pays for your medical services. If your deductible is met, your physical therapy may not cost you anything. Patients with family plans orthosewhohavehadmajorsurgeriesorhaveachronic illnessareespecially likely to have a $0 balance remaining on their out-of-pocket expenses. This meansthatthecostofphysicaltherapycouldbeminimalorcompletelycovered by thepatient’s insuranceplan. Ifyouareclose toorhavemetyour insurance deductible for the year, then now is the time to come in for physical therapy! Are you feeling aches and pains? Need to work on your core? Let us help you get a head start for 2018. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 908-262-7404

“I had a fabulous experience with Total Care. The entire staff is very friendly, and Tom has helped me regain full mobility in my arm. With determination and hard work, along with Tom’s encouragement and expertise, you can achieve the best possible results atTotal Care. I would highly recommend them to any of my family and friends.” - Karen F. Helped me regain full mobility in my arm!

Relieve Back Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.

ALT. ARM & LEG LIFTS Start on hands and knees, hips and shoulders at 90°. Lift one arm straight out in front. At the same time, lift opposite leg straight back. Repeat 8 times on both sides. Hold for 3 seconds. Helps lower back

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